Marketing Funnels – 15 Essential Components of an Internet Business Marketing Funnels


Marketing Funnels? What are they and How do you build them?

I have been working on this for the past few weeks as I felt it was one of the weakest aspects of my own marketing.

As a result I have compiled a list of 15 Essential Components that you need to include: these are:

  1. Digital Product
  2. Hosting Platform
  3. Action Autoresponder Series
  4. Nurture Autoresponder Series
  5. Welcome Autoresponder Series
  6. Email List
  7. Email Service Provider
  8. Opt-in Form
  9. Landing Page
  10. Lead Magnets
  11. Content and Call to Action
  12. Traffic Sources and Channels
  13. Traffic Campaigns
  14. Traffic Growth Strategies
  15. Audience Avatar

I have prepared a short Checklist of these items containing more explanation to help you to get to grips with this very complex subject!

I hope you find the Checklist Useful!

 Just Click on the Image below to Access the Check List

Facebook Pages 25 Inspiring Me!

Facebook Pages offer an an opportunity to connect with people who inspire you.  One of the great pleasures of being an Online Courses instructor is the opportunity to learn from other instructors and be inspired by them!  I am trying to share their Facebook Pages and some of that inspiration with you and my growing Facebook Community over at the Six Minute Strategist Page.


Inspiring Facebook Pages Image.001

In the course of interviewing and meeting so many instructors, I have come across some really inspiring people and I want to share their Facebook Pages with you so that you can dip your toe into their deep well of knowledge and experience.  So in no particular order (that would be impossible)…

25 Inspiring Facebook Pages

1. Rob Cubbon

Why?: For great guidance on being a digital nomad and his great design skills

Rob Cubbon

2. Ani Alexander

Why?: For anything to do with writing and publishing eBooks (or hard copy!)

Ani Alexander Write to Be Read


3. Meron Bareket

Why?: For the Inspiring Innovation Podcast and being the go to guy (for me) on Podcasting!

Meron Bareket

4. Chris Ducker

Why?: For leading, Entrepreneurial inspiration – and incidentally he is quite good at outsourcing and virtual assistants!

Chris Ducker


5. Nick Loper

Why?: For Side Hustling and finding amazing people who create income online!

Nick Loper


6. Steven Aitchison

Why?: For being the Facebook expert I turn to and for inspiring people in their daily lives!

Steven Aitchison


7. Mike and Izabela Russell

Why?: For being the founders and organisers of New Media Europe Conference and for being exceptionally great people!

Mike and Izabella Russell

8. Mark Price

Why?: For being one of the smartest technical people I know who is so generous with his advice!

Mark Price

9. Mark Timberlake

Why?: For leading his SME Tribe and always being prepared to share ideas!

Mark Timberlake

10. Jerry Banfield

Why?: For being an outstanding online instructor from whom we can all learn

Jerry Banfield

11. Victor Bastos

Why?: For showing us all how to succeed with an online courses business in Udemy

Victor Bastos


12. Johnny Beirne

Facebook Page Why?: For his passion for Public Speaking which he shares with the Speakific community (and me too!)

Johnny Beirne


13. Cathy Presland

Why?: For always being positive and encouraging and very good at writing and publishing!

Cathy Presland

14. Mark Trego

Why?: For creating an amazing ELearning business and leading the way!

Mark Trego

15. Alexa Fischer

Why?: For her contribution in showing you how you can be amazing in public!

Alexa Fischer


16. Vanessa van Edwards

Why?: For her amazing communication skills and sharing them with us!

Vanessa van Edwards


17.Ian Cleary

Why?: For being an amazing source of information about online tools – and so much more!

Ian Cleary


18. Phil Ebiner

Facebook Page Why?: For creating an amazing online community of students and showing us how we can do it too!

Phil Ebiner


19. Veena Vee

Facebook Page Why?: For inspiring millions of Mums to be millionaires and sharing her infectious enthusiasm for Entrepreneurship!

Veena Vee


20. Tim Paige

Why?: For being the Lead Communicator at Lead Pages – and for not saying No to an interview on a Podcast he had never heard of (mine!)

Tim Paige


21. Jimmy Narraine

Why?: For being an inspiring Online Entrepreneur and creator of online courses packed with very high quality content

Jimmy Narraine


22. Debbie LaChusa

Why?: For showing us how to transfer consulting skills to the online world and for inspiring Entrepreneurs to excel!

Debbie La Chusa

23. Julie Sheranosher

Why?: For hacking time to pieces and always having time to encourage everyone she connects with!

Julie Shernosher

24. Jelle Derckx

Why?: For scaring me with the idea that I might be able to live a minimal life without all my clutter! – Really Jelle?

Jelle Derckx

25. Amy Schmittauer

Why?: For being an absolute Youtube marketing Ninja and for being utterly charming when I met her at New Media Europe 2015 where we were both speaking!

Amy Schmittauer


Who has inspired you? Leave a Comment and Share your most inspirational pages with us all!

Discover the Resources I use to Create my Online Courses! – Just Click on the Image Below!

Cheat Sheet: 24 Tips for Creating High Converting Lead Magnets – Fast!

24 Tips for Creating High Converting Lead Magnets - Fast!.001

Do you find it hard to get your Lead Magnets to Convert?

Do You Struggle to get more subscribers from your readers?

What is the point of driving all that traffic to your Site if they Don’t Subscribe?

50 Titles Cheat Sheet

Yes! Send Me My Cheat Sheet – “50 Titles To Help You Create Amazing High Converting Lead Magnets” – I want to Improve My Conversions and Get More Sign Ups!

I know I do – or did until I came across an amazing blog Post from Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income Blog (which is here by the way)!  The great thing is it had 241 comments (last time I looked) with masses of informed comments from the folks at Leadpages.

Why did this Resonate?

The SPI Podcast episode was with Clay Collins, Founder of Leadpages.  He was talking about how you create great titles to get your audience sign up to your free giveaway in return for their email address. The problem was the 241 comments which contained amazingly great ideas but took a LONG TIME to go through!

Problem Solved!

I went through them for you and have distilled some of the best ideas into this Post as a guide – How to Create High Converting Titles! (So my Thanks to Pat, Clay and the amazing SPI Community)!

Here is my Cheat Sheet of 24 Tips for Creating High Converting Lead Magnets! – Fast

1. Keep your titles short – condensed titles are more impactful and if under 140 Characters, you can Tweet them too

2. Make Sure You Capture the Key Points in your title:

  • What are you giving away
  • How many points (specific numbers are good)
  • The Price – FREE (demonstration of value)
  • Simple/Easy/Quick
  • Include a Hook – Intrigue or a Benefit
  • Have a Call to Action

3.  Calls to Action are essential – Download, Grab, Claim

4. Types of Lead Magnets

  • Check List – around a specific problem/idea
  • Cheat Sheet
  • Resource Guide
  • A Transcript of a video or a podcast
  • A Quiz, with a link to a download for the answers
  • A Report
  • A Plan
  • A Template
  • A Tool or a System they can use in their business
  • Survival Guide
  •  A Case Study
  • A One Page PDF that breaks down the Essence of your Blog Post
  • Create a Manifesto
  • Buyers Guide

5. Make your offering Specific – make sure they know what they are being offered: number based, ease of use, actionable result!

6. Use Capital Letters for the start of each word to make the sentence stand out more; include a bold colour too – more eye catching; Red or Blue, which is often associated with links

7. Make sure your offer is Evergreen

8. Can you make your title intriguing? How can you “Hook” your reader into wanting to click on your Subscribe Button?

9. Create amazing Graphics to support your Lead Magnet offer – check out the free resource at

10. Try to address objections in your title, which will make it more likely that your reader will click on your offer

11. Always split test your title, your description, your button, your colours – but not all at the same time.  This is very easy to do with Leadpages Landing pages as it is built right in – You can find Leadpages here.

12. Consider setting up a separate list for this opt in and then work up a short auto responder sequence, offering more value, tips and downloads, which then ends in an offer to buy from you

13. Vary your lead button Text: “Yes! Send Me My Free Guide Instantly” – but “Sign Up To Our Newsletter” is a bit old hat now!

14. Sometimes emphasise the negative for impact – “10 Reasons Why Your ******* SUCKS!”

15.  In the script before your Lead Button, make sure you explain briefly:

  • What your Lead Magnet is
  • Why they should download it
  • What Benefits it offers them

16. Position your offer at the top and bottom, and for a long post, consider putting a third opt-in in the middle.  The readers who get to the bottom of your post are the ones who are most likely to convert however.

17. Numbered Lists are always a winner – people respond to them

18. Make your titles Engaging, Specific and Relateable

19. Make a Lead Magnet that is Universal and which you can use with any Blog Post

20. If you have an eBook as your lead magnet, offer a chapter and not the whole book, which perhaps your reader can buy from you if they really like it.

21. Pose a Question – a challenge or a problem your reader might be having – and then solve it with the lead magnet

22. Don’t be afraid to offer a discount or a deal in return for signing up and downloading a really valuable lead magnet.  Just remember that you are starting your relationship with this reader and it is often better to offer something for free at this point

23. Becareful how you use the word “Hack” – it means different things to different folks and some of these meanings are not positive.

24. Tone down the use of ALL CAPS in titles on emails as they sometimes trigger spam filters!


34 Examples of Trigger Words to increase your conversions

  • Bonus
  • Download
  • Free
  • Easy
  • Do It Your Self
  • Simple
  • Step by Step
  • Exclusive
  • Cheat Sheet
  • Check List
  • Resource Guide
  • Free Report
  • Viral
  • Sneek Peek
  • Secrets
  • Winning
  • Discover
  • Researched Backed (only when it is!)
  •  Grab
  • Claim
  • Quick
  • Actionable
  • Secret
  • Tricks
  • Tips
  • Profits
  • Instantly
  • Ultimate
  • Today
  • Fatal
  • Mistakes
  • Lessons
  • Discover

How Can I Help You with Your Udemy Business?

Ask the Doctor Promo Video Udemy 2.001

Are you ready to have a chat about how I can help you?

Lets set up a 30 minute no obligation call to discuss where you are and what you are doing.  This will help me to understand what you need and how I can help you.

Simply click on this link – – to take my short and simple 9 question survey!

There is no obligation at this point.  I will review your registration and then get back to you within a few days.  We can arrange a short call if you have any questions and then move forward.

Here is the link again to take the short Survey –

How to Podcast? Part 2: Launch, Promotion and Syndication Strategy



If you are producing a Podcast, are you reaching as wide an audience as possible?

This post is all about Launch, Promotion and Syndication for your Podcast!



Episode 64 – A Conversation with the Six Minute Strategist Podcast

Launching Your Podcast

For advice on a launch strategy, I can do no better than refer you to Chris Ducker’s excellent post on this.  It was reading this blog post that prompted me to look against my podcast statistics and to write this blog post and podcast episode (of course).

Chris explains the key steps to preparation and launch and gives some great tips on how to do well in iTunes, especially in the first eight weeks after launch.  One key point to note is that you cannot rank in the New and Noteworth section of iTunes until you have published three episodes – so definitely follow Chris’s advice to get your first three episodes out in the first week after launch.

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How to Podcast? Part 1: Not Just How, But Also Why?



I have recently been reviewing my Social Media Strategy and have taken a look at my Podcast analytics.




Since launching my Podcast, A Conversation with The Six Minute Strategist in October 2011, I have recorded 62 episodes which have been downloaded a total of over 710,000 times!!!

To me that was a staggering surprise!  And my thanks to you all who have downloaded and listened to my Podcast.

Stitcher Radio

A quick announcement – I am very excited to tell you that my Podcast, A Conversation with The Six Minute Strategist – is now available on Stitcher Radio.  If you listen to Stitcher Radio please check out the Podcast there.

Introducing Podcasting

In these two episodes/posts, my intention is to help you to consider whether Podcasting is for you and whether you should make it part of your Online Marketing Strategy.  I was reading my friend, Chris Ducker’s blog and he explained how he launched his new Podcast The New Business Podcast – you can read the blog post here.

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Introduction to Social Media Course


I recently was asked to present a Seminar on Social Media to a Non Profit Organisation, the Recovery Career Service.

The topic was “An Introduction to Social Media”

With their agreement, I have been able to record the Seminar and therefore make the recording and the slide deck available through The Six Minute Strategist Blog for you to enjoy.  You can also find all the content through my Tutorials Page on the Menu Bar.

If you want to go straight to the Course, submit your name and email (and we will also make sure you get all our latest news and updates too!)

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Do you know the 12 Steps to a Social Media Marketing Audit?

12 Steps to a Social Media Marketing Audit


Do you know the 12 Steps of a Social Media Marketing Audit?

If you are looking to review your Social Media Marketing Strategy with me or anyone else, I believe it is helpful to work together to systematically assess your current situation.

To do this I have devised 12 Questions – Six Offline Questions and Six Questions relating to your current Online activities.


I have also made this brief video to help to explain the questions and why I think they are important.

So to Summarise, the Six Offline Questions are:

  1. Summarise your Products and Services
  2. Explain your Pricing Structure
  3. Who are your Customers?  Where do you expect to find them online?
  4. What are your current offline and online marketing strategies?
  5. What are your channels to market?
  6. What is your marketing budget?  How do you currently allocate this?

The Six Online Questions are:

  1. What is your website URL?
  2. Which Social Media Platforms are you/your business on?  Provide links to all pages/platforms
  3. What online content do you produce?
  4. How well connected are you Online
  5. Do you use email to contact your customers?  How?
  6. What are your social media marketing/online Marketing Objectives?
At the end of the Video (and the Slide Presentation) I briefly introduce you to the Six Pillars of Social Media Strategy which are:
  1. Platform Strategy
  2. Content Strategy
  3. Influencer Strategy
  4. Email Strategy
  5. Social Media Marketing Funnel
  6. Metrics

These are the Six Pillars I use when working with my clients on their Social Media Marketing Strategy.

I have uploaded the Slides in the video to Slideshare and they are also downloadable for your convenience.

Thank you for joining the Conversation!

Are You Coming to My Expert Equation Workshop?

Sometimes you just have to be in the room…

Seminar Promo Video.001

On Sat/Sun 20th/21st Februrary I am giving a 2 day Workshop on How to Make Online Courses. The workshop will be held at the Darling Buds of May Farm in Kent, England.

If you are interested to learn more, just click on this link to get all the details and Save 50% off the Course Price with Coupon Code “JOHNC”

I hope to see you there!

Six Minute Strategist 2013 Marketing Calendar for Entrepreneurs


Following on from my Previous blog I wanted to highlight the Podcasts and Blogs that I am recommending for 2013 in my Six Minute Strategist 2013 Calendar.  These were summarised in the blog but I thought you might like a pictorial summary of the Tremendous Twelve!  So here they are…


John Jantsch

Duct Tape Marketing Blog

The Duct Tape Marketing Podcast


Jamie Tardy

The Eventual Millionaire Blog

The Eventual Millionaire Podcast

Christopher Penn and John J. Wall

Marketing Over Coffee Blog

Marketing Over Coffee Podcast


Andrew Warner

Mixergy Blog

Mixergy Podcast


David Siteman Garland

The Rise to the Top Blog

The Rise to the Top Podcast

Mitch Joel

Six Pixels of Separation Blog

Six Pixels of Separation Podcast


Pat Flynn

Smart Passive Income Blog

Smart Passive Income Podcast



Michael Stelzner

Social Media Marketing Blog

Social Media Marketing Podcast

Robert Bruce and Brian Clark Blog

Internet Marketing for Smart People Radio By CopyBlogger Media Blog – The Podcast


Trent Dyrsmid

Online Income Lab Blog

Online Income Lab Podcast


Derek Halpern

Social Triggers Blog

Social Triggers Podcast


Chris Ducker

Chris Ducker Blog

Virtual Business Lifestyle Podcast


Bonus Content!!!


Tim Ferris

Tim’s Blog

The Four Hour Work Week, The Four Hour Body and The Four Hour Chef!

With the Bonus Content, this gives you Thirteen for Thirteen – Thirteen essential marketing resources for 2013.  You can download the UK version below:

You can download the US version at Slideshare here.

I am absolutely convinced, based on my experience of their content in 2012, that these podcasts and blogs will provide you with great ideas and strategies to really lift your business’s marketing in 2013!

Happy Christmas to you all!



12 Marketing Podcasts for Entrepreneurs – 2013 Calendar

As it is Christmas, I thought that I would give you an early Christmas Present as well as try to inspire you for 2013.

A Christmas Stocking stuff full of amazing sources of brilliant content!

I have collected together my favourite 12 Podcasts which I believe will give you, the Entrepreneur, great value, fantastic ideas and above all inspire you to take your business forward in 2013.

You can see the Slideshare embedded deck below:

To make it even more fun, I have created a 2013 Calendar also on Slideshare, which you can download for free and with no sign ups.  This has one Podcast per month and will remind you to go and listen to a different one each month.  Where appropriate I have included links to iTunes and to the associated Blog.  Please note there are no affiliate links whatsoever in this post, after all its Christmas and the time of gifts and goodwill.

The Calendar is available in UK and US versions (public holidays).

This is the US Calendar

These are the people who inspire me – I hope they inspire you!

In no particular order…

Duct Tape Marketing – Jon Jantsch

Apart from being an amazing Author of three great business books, Duct Tape Marketing,      The Commitment Engine and The Referral Engine, John has a great podcast with fantastic guests.  His website has a great list of resources and you can also download a free ebook” 7 Essential Stages of a Total Online Presence“.

The links to his website and the iTunes podcast are below.

The Eventual Millionaire – Jamie Tardy

Jamie conducts some great interviews with successful entrepreneurs who are Millionaires.  They share their story and through their experience, Jamie aims to help you, the Eventual Millionaire.  The Podcasts are great fun but contain some serious content and are well worth subscribing to on iTunes.  Her site also contains links to her interviews under the Case Studies section.

Marketing Over Coffee – John Wall and Christopher Penn

John and Christopher present a weekly discussion format podcast which covers the latest developments and controversies in Online Marketing.  Their discussions, combined with an active Linkedin Group, are both entertaining and very informative.  I also find their “Almost Timely Newsletter” which comes out once a week, well worth signing up for.

Mixergy – Andrew Warner

Andrew is the maestro of the Entrepreneurial Interview.  With over 800 great interviews conducted, his meticulous preparation results in well structured and incisive discussions with successful entrepreneurs.  He offers over 80 courses in his membership site, Mixergy Premium,  which you may consider joining once you have listened to some of his interviews.

The Rise to the Top – David Siteman Garland

David’s show is never dull – he has such great energy.  He always has real “A List Mediapreneurs” and I have learned a great deal from listening to his interviews.  His site has a great blog and his product recommendations are worth reviewing too!  If you have any doubts, just go and listen to one episode, but don’t blame me if you develop an addiction for the podcast (I did!).

Six Pixels of Separation – Mitch Joel

Mitch provides one of the most intelligent discussions on marketing that I have found on the Internet.   He has great interviewees and often does a double hander with Joe Jaffe and neither of them is afraid to be controversial.  Mitch has written a best selling book, Six Pixels of Separation which is also well worth a read.

Smart Passive Income – Pat Flynn

Pat’s blog and podcast are one of the riches resources on the web for Entrepreneurs who want to improve their online marketing, as well as understand better the road to a passive income.  Pat’s free ebook on how to write, publish and market an online ebook is a great worthwhile download in its own right.  Pat offers fantastic value for his readers and listeners and I very much enjoy is podcast and blog.  If that was not enough, he also has some brilliant How To videos which can be found on YouTube and I recommend subscribing to his channel there.

Social Media Marketing – Michael Stelzner

Although Social Media Examiner has been a cornerstone of the online blogging world for many years, the podcast only started in July this year and is on episode 18 as I write.  That having been said, it is definitely not one to miss.  Michael has had some amazing guests and also provides some great advice and resources.  Listen out for his voice over man – a brilliant american cockney, Guv!

CopyBlogger – Robert Bruce and Brian Clark

This site, as it title suggests, focus on the detailed matter of content creation and the importance of copywriting.  That having been said, the interviews with great interviewees are always engaging and this is the sort of podcast that Evernote was built for.  Try listening and not taking notes!  They also offer Scribe Content Marketing software to show you how they do it.

Online Income Lab – Trent Dyrsmid

Trent’s podcast is full of helpful and practical advice to make the most of your online presence.  You do not need to be in the “make money online space”, if you are creating content he will help you to do it faster and smarter. Trent is a strong advocate of outsourcing low value and repetitive tasks and this can be a real time and money saver for small businesses.  His resources section is worth checking out on his Blog here.

Social Triggers – Derek Halpern

This podcast and blog focus on the psychology of online marketing and Derek covers some really clever and thought provoking material in a totally accessible way.  His interviews are also brilliantly engaging and well worth the time subscribing to in iTunes.

Chris Ducker

It is impossible to produce a list like this and not include Chris Ducker.  I listened to every one of his “Virtual Business Lifestyle” podcasts and these can be found on Tunein – see the link below.  Chris will shortly be launching another podcast and based on the past,  it will be on my iTunes subscription list the day it launches.  Chris has an active Facebook community which is worth following and a great blog.  When I thinned out all my mailing list subscriptions, Chris’s stayed firmly in there!—Online-Business-Start-Up-Entrepre-p412751/

Bonus: The Four Hour Work Week – Tim Ferris

The Art of Meta-Learning.  OK, strictly speaking this is not a podcast or a blog but a trilogy of three books which will help you to challenge the way you organise your life and your business and at the same time teach you some of Tim’s brilliant techniques for Meta Learning or hour to learn 80% of what you need to know in 20% of the time.  Four sentences does not begin to do Tim’s work justice – go out and buy one of the books.  Then try NOT to buy the other three.  I have the Four Hour Work week on my iPad but I am having to buy the paperback to use it as a reference guide.  Now how many books can you say that about today?

Please note there are no affiliate links whatsoever in this post, after all its Christmas and the time of gifts and goodwill.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah or whatever your Creed or Faith,   a very Happy Holiday to you all!


What are the Benefits of a Social Media Funnel?


What are the Benefits of…a Social Media Funnel?

In my last post in this Series, I discussed the Benefits of Engaging on Social Media.

Would You Like to Know More About Online Social Media Sales and Marketing?

Click Here to Find Out More About My Video Course – The Social Sales Cycle: 8 Steps to More Sales Through Social Media

Coure Logo Images.004


In this, the third Video in the series, I would like to discuss with you the benefits of having a Social Media Funnel.

Here is the video….


A Social Media Funnel is all about moving prospective customers from the outer reaches of the web, through your social media properties and content so that they convert.  There is a Six Stage Process to this

  • Find Me
  • Know Me
  • Like Me
  • Trust Me
  • Do Business With Me
  • Evangelise Me
When you are designing your online marketing strategy you need to have this structure in your mind and make sure that everything you do helps this process.  

I hope you find this discussion helpful.

If you would like to know more you can contact me directly for a no obligation discussion to see whether I can help you with your Social Media Strategy.

You can reach me by email at jbdcolley[at]aol[dot]com or call me on my UK cell phone +44 7813 672 612.

In the next video in this series I am going to look at the Benefits of Twitter.

Thank you for joining the Conversation