US Companies acquiring in the UK – Six Points to think about!

I had a great call last week with Randy Grigg of Ridgecrest Advisors. Randy is an IT M&A adviser based in St Louis Missouri. We compared notes on our experience and discovered that we have very similar businesses and experience – Randy in the US and myself in Europe. Where we complement one another is in the area of cross border M&A. I can act (and have acted in the past) for North American Corporations acquiring in Europe and Randy has acted for European Corporations making acquisitions in the US.

This led me to think that a post covering some of the off the radar criteria for cross border deals into the UK (based on my experience) might be of interest and help to you (my audience).

Here is my Six Minute Strategist – six key “off the radar” points to think about…

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Silicon Roundabout – who’s investing in what?

Wired Magazine’s February 2011 edition has an interesting article on Silicon Roundabout. This nexus of technology and new media startups around Old Street, just to the North of the City of London, has been attracting increasing attention from the media and investors. The essential proposition is that this is a mini-silicon valley start-up hub.

This got me thinking…

Using the list from Wired Magazine’s (have a look here) I thought it would be interesting to see who is investing in what types of companies.

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Facebook De-Nationalises Money – The Worlds New Reserve Currency

However, I think there is a better argument. Facebook issuing its own currency. Globally at a stroke they would not disintermediate banks but Governments. People in any location could trade their online and offline goods and services for Facebook Credits (Lets not call them dollars – so 20th Century!).

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Digital Coach – to be or not to be? That is the Question!

I recently spent half a day with Thomas Power and attended his Digital Mind Set Seminar in London. The purpose of the seminar is to help attendees understand the role of the Ecademy Digital Coach and whether this is for them. Ecademy is one of, soon to be many, organisations which are moving its Social Media expertise into the coaching market. The reason for this is simple, there is a huge market of corporates and individuals who need to learn more about Social Media and Ecademy needs to scale its teaching business and use greater scale to leverage its knowledge.

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