OLPII079 How Angus Ferguson created DemiJohn – the Liquid Deli – from an Idea in a German Farmers Market

OLP Influencer Interviews 12.001

This week’s Influencer Interview is with Angus Ferguson, the Founder of DemiJohns – the Liquid Deli.  Angus, a former army officer like me, got the idea from a German Farmers’ Market back in the 1990s and when he left the Army, he was inspired to set up DemiJohns.  The company sells hand made liquers, oils and vinegars.  Angus first came across the idea in Italy when he was living in Naples as a Student and then saw it again in Germany when he was in the Army.  Customers would bring their own containers to be filled when buying locally made wines.  Angus and his wife, Frances, founded the business in Edinburgh in 2004 and have never looked back. And yes, they ship world-wide.  Don’t forget to use your DemiJohn “10% off your first purchase coupon” which is below.

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