6MS Episode 66 – Interview with Eliot Jones


In this Episode, I interview Eliot Jones, a young English entrepreneur and President of the Salisbury Chamber of Commerce at the age of 25.  We discuss the benefits and challenges of local business and some of his recent achievements as President of the Chamber.  This is a great show case of the energy and potential of doing business locally.

In this Episode we discuss:

  • The Benefits of Eliot’s Green Thumb lawn care Franchise
  • The Salisbury Chamber of Commerce and its benefits and opportunities; its members and how you can join; the networking events that the Chamber runs.
  • The Salisbury Big Business Event
  • What local business can do differently in the future to be more successful
  • The importance of cooperation between local businesses to grow the market for everyone
  • The Benefits of Mastermind Groups; understanding what you don’t know, you don’t know
  • The importance of knowing where you are in your business

Items and People mentioned in this Episode include:

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