6MS Eye Piece 10 Oct 2010 Jeffrey Bussgang’s Mastering the VC Game

I was listening to the Marketing Over Coffee podcast last week, John Wall and Christopher Penn’s excellent and occasionally irrevent insight into New Media Marketing.

In the latest episode, Activate Cheese Shield, they reference Jeffrey Bussgang’s book, Mastering the VC Game which is just out in the US in paperback.  They originally conducted an interview with Jeffrey when his book came out which is here.  I would start by listening to this interview as there are some excellent snippets of wisdom to be gleaned.

Then I suggest you go over to Jeffrey’s site, where you can find out more about the book and download the first 40 pages for free.  If you like it you can buy the book from his site.  The book is available for the Kindle – I have just bought it – despite that at the time of the original interview, it was not yet out on the Kindle.

As a footnote, Jeffrey is giving the proceeds from the book to Endeavour, a charity set up to promote global economic growth by supporting and mentoring high impact entrepreneurs.  So you can learn something while supporting this excellent cause.

If you are working with VCs or thinking about it, I am in no doubt that this is a must read.  (Non of the links on this page are my affiliate links)

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