6MS Eye Piece 15 November 2011 How to record Skype Calls from a Mac for Free


I am really thrilled by this little tip I have to share with you today and want to say a huge thank you to SupremeApps for making the YouTube video that explains it all.

You will need to down load two small free pieces of software: Linein and Soundflower and have Skype installed on your Mac.  Once you have done this all you have to do is follow the instructions in the Video from Supreme Apps below:


Thanks again to the Guys at SupremeApps for this great tip.

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3 thoughts on “6MS Eye Piece 15 November 2011 How to record Skype Calls from a Mac for Free”

    1. Hi Jully
      Thank you for taking the time to share this helpful advice. I have checked out the site and will try the demo. I need to decide if it worth the $49 or not. But I am grateful to you for joining in the conversation and sharing this. If you have any other great technology tips, I would love to hear them
      best regards John

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