6MS Eye Piece 19 Sep 2011 – The new KISS Principle?

Is the new KISS Principle  – Keep It Simple Start-up?

I was reading a piece from SF Gate – Silicon Valley lowering the bar on innovation – which raises the question what is the best strategy these days for a technology start up?

On the one hand UK entrepreneurs are criticised for not building world class technology companies – Dr Lynch excepted – and yet it appears that the market is rewarding simple, fast to market ideas which are frankly innovation-lite.

This may be a symptom of the current frothy market; the SFGate article quotes Max Levchin (co-founder of PayPal and founder of Slide) asking where are the big ideas?  Silicon Valley it seems wants to invest in “fast to market- fast to exit” derivative ideas rather than taking a more arduous, longer and riskier route with more complex and original ideas.

I regularly see young entrepreneurs with very interesting products and solutions but non of this will give them any encouragement when seeking funding for their businesses.

Perhaps this is a phase and when the froth has blown off this market, the entrepreneurs and the investors will go back to the drawing board and start innovating again?

What do YOU think?

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