6MS Eye Piece 21 Nov 2011 What is Newsjacking? Ask David Meerman Scott

When David Meerman Scott speaks, you should listen, when he writes, you should read, when he ebooks, you should download.

Well, its download time!  David has just released his new book, Newsjacking (non affiliate link), in ebook form only (a wide range of formats covered including Kindle Fire).  I have just downloaded it and its now on my reading list for this week.

The idea is clever but simple.  When a big story breaks, you release a blog or press release relating to the big story with some additional angle, personal to your cause or business.  When journalists cover the story, they look for a new angle and pick up your piece which gets second paragraph billing in the big story.   There are of course the right way to do this and the wrong way – which is why I am going to be reading the book. (I already have the New Rules of Marketing and PR 2nd edition – version 3 was out this September).

Sean Penn and John Wall have a great interview with David over at Marketing over Coffee which I listened to this morning and turned me on to the book – thanks to MOC!

I have embedded a video from YouTube which is an interview with David Meerman Scott talking about the new book.

I think that it is interesting that DMS has produced a short focused ebook in digital only format on a niche subject where as New Rules are much lengthier broad tomes.  I suspect that, as with Seth Godin’s Domino Project (amazon only publishing), this is the way forward.  Anyhow, I always enjoy David’s viewpoint and learn a lot from him – I hope you do too.

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