OLP108 Create a Kindle Publishing Empire and How to Escape Your Job with Jyotsna Ramachandran


In today’s Episode of the Online Learning Podcast, I am delighted to welcome Jyotsna Ramachandran who has created a Kindle Publishing Empire in just over 1 year.  She explains how her book, “How to Escape Your Job” came to be written from her own experience of becoming a Kindle publisher of over 49 books and how she did both.  Jyotsna shares detailed information about her Kindle business model and then talks us through the seven steps of “How to Escape Your Job”.

In this Week’s Episode: Jyotsna Ramachandran

In this Episode Jyotsna and I discuss:

  • How to research a hot topic on Amazon.com
  • Where to find Amazon best seller lists
  • Where to find software to help you know what is hot on Amazon
  • What makes a best seller sell
  • How to read reviews to find out what books are missing
  • Why Jyotsna looks at the 1st and 20th book in the best seller list
  • Where Joytsna finds ghost writers
  • Why Joytsna avoids content writing companies
  • How Jyotsna commissions her book covers
  • What makes a good book cover on Kindle
  • Why it is important to recognise that non fiction and fiction book covers are different
  • How Jyotsna instructs her cover designers to get the result she wants
  • How to set up a launch plan for your kindle book
  • The benefits of signing up to the Kindle KDP Select programme
  • Why Jyotsna offers her book for free
  • How she promotes her book in Facebook and on promo sites
  • How to use Fivrr.com to get your Kindle book promoted
  • Why Jyotsna wrote the Job Escape Plan
  • What are the seven steps to build a home business
  • Why you need a reality check before you start
  • How to design your dream life style
  • How to get into the Entrepreneurial mindset
  • How to choose the perfect niche for your business
  • How to choose the best online platform for your business
  • Jyotsna interviews Nick Loper from Sidehustlenation about Blogging
  • Jyotsna interviews John Lee Dumas from Entrepreneur on Fire about Podcasting
  • Jyotsna interviews Stefan Pylarinos from Perfect Life Mastery about Youtube
  • Jyotsna interviews Steve Scott aout Kindle Publishing
  • Jyotsna interviews Andy Dew about Amazon Physical Products
  • Jyotsna interviews Rob Cubbon about Udemy Courses
  • Jyotsna interviews Alex Grenadinik about Mobile Apps
  • How to learn, research and study for your online business
  • How to start your business, grow it and quit your job

Other Websites Mentioned in the Podcast

eLance.com – https://www.elance.com

odesk.com – https://www.upwork.com

Fivrr.com – https://fiverr.com

99designs.com – http://99designs.com

The software mentioned in the podcast:
Kindle Spy: http://www.kdspy.com/Kindle Samurai: http://kindlesamurai.net/Kindle Trend: www.kindletrend.com

How to Find Out More About Jyotsna

You can also find Jyotsna at her website which is http://jyotsnaramachandran.com

You can also find her Author page on Amazon at http://amazon.com/author/jyotsnaramachandran

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