OLP112 Become a Terrific Public Speaker at Speakific with Johnny Beirne

In today’s Episode of the Online Learning Podcast, I am delighted to welcome Johnny Beirne, founder of Speakific, the online platform for online speakers.  We discuss the benefits of public speaking when connected to online learning, and in particular, how you can use a public speaking gig for selling your online courses.  The Speakific platform also helps you to become a better speaker through the Speakific Academy where Johnny will be providing online courses focused on improving your public speaking.

In this Week’s Episode: Johnny Beirne

In this Episode Johnny and I discuss:

  • How Johnny came to create Speakific
  • Johnny’s experience of running networks
  • The objectives of creating a platform for speakers
  • The benefits of being easy to be found by event organisers
  • The benefits of public speaking
  • Why public speaking can enhance your reputation and grow your business
  • How the Speakific Academy will be able to help you become a better public speaker
  • The amazing Launch offer for a premium account on Speakific
  • Johnny’s Facebook group – Tools to Triumph – sharing great online tools

How to Find Out More About Johnny

You can also find Johnny at his website which is http://www.speakific.com