HaveYouSeen How to Make Money Online Doing What You Normally Do with Ben van Rooyen

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This week’s Influencer Interview is with Ben van Rooyen, Founder and CEO of HaveYouSeen.com, a new disruptive commerce site which enables you to make money online while just doing what you normally do!  HaveYouSeen is a very powerful tool to take all your favourite items from all over the internet and create shoppable collections to view later or share with others. Make sure you download the Experts’ Guide to HaveYouSeen.com which you can do by clicking on the link below.

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Click on the Image above to Download the Experts’ Guide to HaveYouSeen.com or follow this link

Influencer Interview; Ben van Rooyen, Founder and CEO of HaveYouSeen.com

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In this Episode we discuss:

  • The benefits to the users of HaveYouSeen.com
  • How you find and curate offers
  • How you can organise your online shopping in one place
  • How to create wishlists
  • How to get paid for shopping!
  • How retailers can run a referral scheme without infrastructure
  • How retailers can get brand exposure at no cost
  • Why retailers only pay when a customer makes a purchase
  • How retailers can identify brand advocates from the social graph

Find Out More

You can find out more about HaveYouSeen.com by visiting the website at http://www.haveyouseen.com

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