6MS Episode 35 Interview with Francine Hardaway, Stealthmode Partners


Just before Christmas I was fortunate to meet Francine Hardaway and Ed Nussbaum from Stealthmode Partners at an Ecademy lunch hosted by Thomas Power at the Adam Street Club.

I was able to follow this up with lunch with Ed which I really enjoyed – thanks for making the time Ed 🙂

Francine had to return to the US shortly after our meeting but kindly agreed to record an interview for my podcast, A Conversation with the Six Minute Strategist, which I have posted today.  We discuss the current startup investments trends in Silcon Valley, the impact that London is having on the Tech startup scene and some of the trends for 2012.

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I have also posted the interview on my SoundCloud account here.

If you would like to hear more from Francine, you can visit her blog here.  Francine has also uploaded the recording of the speeches given by Ed and herself at the Adam Street Club on SoundCloud and you can find that recording here.

As a bonus and to say thank you to Thomas Power, you can find the interview I did with Thomas November 2011 at the Podcast here.

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