19 Reasons Why Venture Capitalists May Say No!

I have spent many hours in presentations to VCs and have heard many reasons for rejecting investment propositions.

Now remember, their job is to screen (out) investments as they see 500 and invest in 5. So the odds are not in your favour!

Here are 19 Reasons why Venture Capitalists may say not to you –

  1. Market and Competition
  2. Product Maturity
  3. Product Life Cycle
  4. Patents
  5. Entry Barriers
  6. Customer Quality
  7. Management Quality
  8. Start Up Experience
  9. Brand/Trademark
  10. Sales/Distribution Structure
  11. Reporting
  12. IPO Capability
  13. Operational Stability
  14. Sales Profits Consistency
  15. Diversification Options
  16. Scalability
  17. Not Seeking further investments
  18. Valuation
  19. Sector Fit

Make sure that you address these when you are preparing to pitch to a VC.

As they say in the Hunger Games, “May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favour!”

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