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Udemy Course Directory


My Unofficial Udemy Course Directory is the source you need to find the best online courses in Udemy.  You can search and analyse nearly 24,000 courses from over 10,600 instructors.  This is THE Course every Student and Instructor on Udemy must have!

Are you a Student struggling to find the best course to solve your pain or problem? Then try my Unofficial Udemy Course Directory!

Are you an Instructor trying to create really engaging and competitive courses? Then the Udemy Course Directory is your answer!

How can you quickly and easily find the best Courses?

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The main drawback with traditional search methods is that the results are dependant on and skewed by:

  • Search Algorithms
  • Search Engine Optimisation variations between courses
  • And FUNDAMENTALLY – Knowing what to search for!

How can you in put a search term if you do not know exactly what you are looking for????

There has to be a better way! There is!

There is – that is exactly why I created this course, containing my Udemy Course Directory, probably the most difficult course I have made to date!

The KEY is the VISOKIO OMNISCOPE which you can download for free as I have created all the data files in the right format for you to analyse and research.

I have identified nearly 24,000 courses in the Udemy Course Market Place which I provide for your analysis. This is not a complete list, as I have not hacked the Udemy site, but is a strong representation of the courses available

Now you can look at the whole Udemy Course Market Place on one page and drill down to find what you are looking for! Its not difficult

In this Udemy Course you will discover:

  • Why Holistic Search beats more traditional approaches
  • The dangers of unconscious incompetence
  • How Students can benefit from the course
  • How Instructors can benefit from the course
  • What Data is included in the Data Set
  • How to download the Visokio Viewer from Visokio’s website
  • How to open it and load the data file
  • A full tutorial on the Omniscope Viewer (complements of Visokio themselves)
  • How to search in the Omniscope Viewer
  • How to explore Udemy Categories
  • The Top 100 Udemy Instructors, by various criteria
  • The Top 100 Udemy Courses, by various criteria

What Jerry Banfield, Leading Udemy Instructor has to say about this Udemy Course!

“Very effective for learning more about Udemy in just a few minutes

If you want to learn more about the Udemy marketplace and love data visualizations, you might have the same experience I did here. I figured I could give this course at least 15 minutes today to skim through and see what John came up with. In just 15 minutes I learned a lot about Udemy I did not know such as what courses are the top and I discovered a lot of instructors I had never heard of that have top courses on Udemy. In just a few minutes this course was helpful for me in motivating me to continue working on Udemy and learning more about what works to get students and grow here. Thank you John! There is a TON of depth here in the course if you go through and download the program and data sets on John offers. I may give this a shot when I am done filming my lectures!” 5 Stars

This course is very hands on! I show you how to use the Omniscope – an amazing piece of data visualisation software – and provide you with the data files so that you can do your own analysis!

The VISOKIO OMNISCOPE is the Differentiator

You will not find another course like this anywhere in Udemy!

  • How are you going to use this information?
  • To improve your course selection?
  • To find new courses, topics and instructors?
  • Or perhaps you are an instructor, looking for new Topic areas to create courses in!

Information is Power – I have handed you the information – use it wisely!

Disclaimer: The Data Set in this Course does not contain every course on Udemy! I have done my best (and continue to do so) to compile a data set of as many Udemy Courses as I have been able to. There are over 23,900 courses in the data set as I launch and I hope to increase this number over the coming weeks!

So, what are you waiting for!

Discover Courses and Instructors in a way you never have before! Enrol Today with 50% Off!

(Don’t forget the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee! You really have nothing to lose and everything to gain!


How to Search for Any Course in the Udemy Course Directory – In Six Easy Steps

Data Image


Since the launch of the Udemy Course Directory, nearly 2,000 students have enrolled in the Main and the Lite version of the Directory.

I thought it would be helpful to show you how easy it is to use the Dataset in conjunction with the amazing Visokio Omniscope.

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Udemy Course Directory – Why Its Worth At Least $1!


In late November 2015, I launched my Udemy Courses Directory on Udemy and immediately did an update on the Course Data in December.  Discover why this is the most amazing way to explore the Udemy Market Place and why I am giving this course away for just $1!

(Click on the Image above or this link to subscribe to my list and enroll in the Udemy Course Directory for just $1)

This course took me weeks to put together, the most challenging part being how to get the data off the Udemy website in an appropriate manner.

The result is a Directory of over 21,500 courses from over 9,100 instructors.  This is approximately doubling every 12 months so it will take some keeping up with!

Why Create The Directory in the First Place?

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What kind of Udemy Instructor or Student are you?


Does Your Approach as an Instructor Fit with your Student? And Vice-Versa?

As part of my ongoing analysis of Udemy Instructor strategies, I have noticed that different instructors are employing different strategies and that many are achieving success, despite taking a different tack to others!

If you are an Instructor or a Student, it matters that your interests and approach are aligned.

Therefore it is worth spending some time understanding some of the different approaches as these can be adopted and your courses improved by recognising how, as an instructor, you can implement strategies which will help your students have a more satisfying learning experience.

Discover My Udemy Courses Directory Here for just $1!

Thinkific Course image.001

Amazing Course Discovery and Analysis
Now Just $1 (Normally $19)

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Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Lets start by taking a look at Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

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Do You Want An Unfair Advantage on Udemy?

Course Image 2.003

Are You an Online Udemy Course Instructor?

  • Do you have a specific niche interest?
  • Do you need to understand your competitors?

Are You an Udemy Course Student?

  • Do you have a specific niche interest?
  • Do you struggle to find the BEST courses to take?

Udemy is a fantastic market place for online courses, we all agree!

Now that it has grown so huge, finding the course you want can be really difficult!

Just because Udemy puts it on the first page when you search, does not mean its either the best course or, more importantly, the best course for YOU!

I love UNFAIR advantages!  Information is Power…

Discover My Udemy Courses Directory Here for just $1!

Thinkific Course image.001

Amazing Course Discovery and Analysis
Now Just $1 (Normally $19)

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How I made $1,645 Launching One Udemy Course in A Week



The great drawback to Udemy is its prevalent discounting culture, the main advantage is its ever increasing student population.  So how do you protect against one while taking advantage of this other. If you can work this out, then you can have a similar week to the one I have just had.

One Udemy Course Launch – 7 days – $1,645!

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My New Udemy Course Really Upset One Of My Existing Students!




Earlier this week I received the following message from one of my students…he sounded really upset!

Can You Confirm That This Is The Complete Programme

Discover My Udemy Courses Directory Here for just $1!

Thinkific Course image.001

Amazing Course Discovery and Analysis
Now Just $1 (Normally $19)

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Will It Move The Needle? Udemy Goals for December 2015



Udemy Goals for December : Will It Move The Needle?

December 2015 has arrived, all to quickly I feel!  Where does the time go?

I shall soon be reviewing my business progress for the year but before I do that I want to build on November’s results and go out with a bang and not a whimper!

November’s sales on Udemy were my secong best ever at just over $3,100.  I can summarise the month as:

  • 758 paid sales
  • 252 free code redemptions
  • One course with sales > $700

What I am noticing is that, with nearly 26,000 students handing out free coupons for the sake of it is not helping me very much.  I am trying a “Lite” course strategy with my New Course Directory so that students can try before they buy.  You can try it yourself here: https://www.udemy.com/udemy-course-directory-lite.

My best performing courses are my longer more complex courses which suggest that, while prices are not going up, there is a flight to quality.  So now you have to sell your courses inexpensively and make them comprehensive.

So I am setting some ambitious  Udemy goals for December.  I want to do $6,000 in Udemy Sales this month which would be a near doubling of my best month so far.  With 22 Courses this should be achieveable.  I need to average $300 per course over the month or $200 a day in sales.  This will not be easy.

There are going to be two prongs to my strategy. 

Driving organic sales from Udemy by creating long term backlinks and traffic strategies and also promoting my full range of courses in Social Media on a regular basis.

The test has to be: Will It Move The Needle?  Is any particular activity going to help this focus for December? If not, should I be doing it.

I still want to keep to my routine of marketing in the morning and recording courses in the afternoon as I need to keep the content rolling in.

However, I am considering consolidating one or two of my courses in a belief that this may improve sales.  For instance, in November my main Copywriting Course made $251 with 60 new signups but my Copywriting 101 course only made $46 with 22 new signups.  Would I make more than $46 if I consolidated the two.  Alternatively, I could make the Bonus Lecture a very focused upsell to the main Copywriting Course and promote the smaller course at between $1 and $5 in Social Media, a price point where sales do convert.

I am convinced that free coupons are not a good idea and I will be experimenting with different levels of coupons for all my courses on different platforms.

What are you going to be doing this month to “Move the Needle?”

Udemy Course Directory

Course Image 2.003

Discover my Udemy Course Directory and enroll today for Free!

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Are Free Udemy Students a Waste of Time?



I have frequently given out free coupons for my Udemy courses in the belief that the lucky recipients of these courses would come to know like and trust me and subsequently be happy to purchase new courses from me (albeit at discounted prices) in the future. But, is this true?

Using the Visokio Omniscope Viewer, I have collated the sales data for all my courses since I started on Udemy; 40,578 sales. Of these 5,251 were paid purchases of my courses, the remainder were free coupons.

Was this a good strategy? I honestly don’t know but I am going to try to find out!


Discover My Udemy Courses Directory Here for just $1!

Thinkific Course image.001

Amazing Course Discovery and Analysis
Now Just $1 (Normally $19)

Click on the Link or the Image Above to Start Discovering Udemy!


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Is There Anything You Fear More Than Death? Public Speaking?


Business Development Promo Image.010


If you are someone who has always been afraid of speaking in public and have resigned yourself to never being able to do this with confidence and authority, and you are almost ready to give up.


Ignoring this issue only makes it worse and enables your colleagues and competitors to become more influential and more respected while you do nothing.

I know how you feel, but I found a way out and I can show you how.

Course Image 2.001


I know when I was a junior Army officer, that speaking in front of large numbers of soldiers and other officers was a trial and a torment. I used to lay awake at night the day before I had to make a big presentation.

When I was making an important pitch or presentation to an investment banking client, I would have butterflies and be really nervous for hours before the meeting.

I discovered from experience how to put together a simple but compelling presentation, which engages my audience and how to deliver it with confidence and authority.

This is why I wrote this simple to follow, step by step course.

At the end of this course, we will have created your speech, the visuals and you will be ready to deliver it at your upcoming event!
You will discover how to:

  • Get started writing your amazing speech
  • Create the Story Board and Road Map for your presentation
  • Six Amazing Techniques used by Great Speakers which you can use too!
  • Create a Simple but Stunning Set of Visuals
  • Refine and Rehearse your Presentation
  • BONUS: Follow my Case Study so that you can see how I do it for real!


Just look at the comments I received after speaking at New Media Europe in Manchester in September this year!

Thank you, John, for your amazing presentation. Full of content… no, it was overflowing with content! And such practical stuff too. Thanks for inspiring me, giving me so many ideas, and showing me how to get on and do it.” David W

Many presenters rely on written prompt notes, I was impressed to see that John Colley’s notes were all in his head, a clear indication that John’s subject knowledge of the workings of Udemy and of course creation was second to none.

His knowledge, confident delivery, assertiveness and engaging manner made it, for me, a five star presentation. Well done John.” Ken A.

“”Great presentation John. John presentation on creating online courses at New Media Europe was straight to the point and well structured and delivered by an assertive speakerLucie M. S.


Imagine what it will feel like to hear the resounding applause at the end of your confident and engaging speech.

What its like when members of the audience come up to you and congratulate you and thank you for inspiring them.

What its like when your Boss comes up to you with a big smile on his face, grasps your hand firmly and congratulates you for “hitting it out of the park!”

All these things have happened to me and they can happen to you!

In this course you will find

  • 49 Lectures
  • Over 3 hours of content
  • Templates and Road Maps for Your Speech
  • Two real slide decks I use
  • Case Study: My actual speech at UKPOD14 and how it fits into this Structure

Don’t forget that this comes with a “no quibble” 30 day one hundred per cent money back guarantee – which is available at the push of a button. You have no downside when you enroll in this course!

Benefit from this Offer Today!

Click on the link below to go to Udemy and enroll in this $97 at the launch price of just $9. You will be working in the course in less than a minute and on the way to creating your first amazing speech which will set you on the road to Public Speaking success!

Course Image 2.001



What Students Are Saying About the Course…

Insightful CourseAs an NLP trainer, I have to say that this course has elements of body language, rapport, linguistics and more that are a must for effective speakers. John does a great job engaging the students and making this course a real tool for daily life, not only for speaking sessions.Alina T.

Excellent top courseLots of really good content, well delivered and a pleasure to learn from. You will find lots of great value in this comprehensive course” Sergey K.

“Learn from one of the best in the business…If you have every taken one of Johns courses, you will already know how effectively and engaging he is. If not, then you can get to know him, by taking this course.

Standing up in-front of an audience, whether it is in a board meeting at work, or a room full of attendees, really IS a daunting task, and as the saying goes, “failure to prepare is to prepare for failure”.

This course has been designed to give you the tools, techniques and confidence, you need to fully prepare for and execute a killer presentation. You will learn not only how to communicate with passion, prose and purpose, but you will see how John reinforces the notion of “simple, clear and direct” to fully engage your audience with information relevant to them.

If your goal is to inform, educate and entertain, avoid jargon, and follow a structured case study from start to finish, you can find all this and more in this course.

There are so many key take-aways from this course, that I do not want to spoil it for you, but I will list some of my favorites here: 11 sins, PDF resources, case study and access to John himself. How to utilize the 3 act play formula, to facilitate structure, delivery and focus! How to Open and close with impact, just like Steve jobs’ JOMT (Just one more thing) plus, How to upgrade your language and how to make numbers or facts impactful.

Again, this course is so packed full of essential tips and valuable advice that you would be doing yourself a dis-service not to watch it.

Thank you John for an excellent course!” Robin S.


So its time to banish that fear of Public Speaking – Take Action today – click on this link and enroll in this course today at the launch price today

Course Image 2.001