Online Courses Free Training Anyone?

Online Courses Free Training?

I have been putting together a package of Online Courses Free Training just for you.

I know how hard it is to build an internet business based on Online Courses and particularly if you are just starting out.  If you are struggling with this now, then this package of training resources is going to really accelerate your progress!

This comprises of:

Six Videos (plus a Bonus!)

  • 12 of the Most Difficult Problems Faced by Udemy Course Instructors
  • Master Udemy Plan, Publish and Promote Profitable Courses on Udemy
  • Why Online Udemy Courses Can Change Your Life
  • How to Produce a Great Udemy Online Course
  • How to Publish a Great Udemy Online Course
  • Three Major Mistakes Udemy Instructors Make – And the Third Might Surprise You!
  • How to Create an Internet Business with Online Courses

Two Amazing Checklists

  • Online Course Topic Checklist
  • Online Course Strategy Check List

Additional Support and Resouces include:

  • An invitation to my Facebook Group dedicated to Online Learning
  • A Free downloadable Audio Book – “From Passion to Profits with Online Courses” written and narrated by me
  • An invitation to a Mini “Ask Me Anything” Consulting Session on a 1:1 basis.

Access the Free Training Resources Now

You can access these Online Courses Free Training Resources by clicking on the button or the image below!

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6 Public Speaking Fears and How to Overcome Them

1 to 1 Coaching with John Colley.002

Public Speaking Fears? Is this a problem for you? For most people Public Speaking triggers one emotion above all: Fear!

If you ask anyone why they don’t like Public Speaking, they will tell you that it terrifies them but if you press them it is difficult to get a specific reason or example of what is so scary!  So, time to explode a few public speaking myths!  Let me convince you that you have nothing to be afraid of and you can be a great public speaker.  Here are six Public Speaking Fears and why you don’t need to pay them any attention!

Fear #1 – The Audience

“I am fine speaking to a small group of people but a large audience terrifies me!”

This is completely misplaced as you are not speaking to a “large audience’, you are engaging in a conversation with one person many times over.  Unless you are a controversial politician you have nothing to fear from your audience. They are giving you their valuable time in return for you bringing them something of value.  Make sure you repeatedly make eye contact with individuals in the audience and speak directly to them, everyone else is just listening in!

Fear #2 The Imposter Syndrome

What if I am not expert enough? What if they see through me?  These questions are common.  All I say is remember that the definition of an expert is someone who knows more than you do.  If you remember that you are there to inform, engage and entertain (“IEE”), if they know something about your subject they will always forgive any overlap with your content as you will be providing them with your unique take on the subject and inevitably providing them with new and valuable information.

In fact, your very presence on the stage, lends you authority and gravity which, as long as you deliver on the “IEE”, they will always respect you and be prepared to listen to what they have to say.

Fear #3 Forgetting My Script

“What if I get so nervous I can’t remember my script?”

This is easy – don’t have a script.  I never do.  I always teach my students that your minimal slides are your “script”.  With only a few words, they are always there to act as your prompt to remind you what you want to say about the topic on that slide.  Then on to the next one.  Throw scripts in the bin, they are for amateurs and politicians (who are always reading someone else’s words).

Fear #4 Self Consciousness

Feeling self conscious standing on a stage is entirely understandable but unnecessary.  The MC has just given you a warm and very flattering introduction.  They audience is clapping and welcoming you to the platform and are ready and eager to hear what you have to say.  You are among friends!

Definitely check your flies are done up (Chaps) before striding forward, but otherwise enjoy the occasion and focus on having high positive energy rather than surrendering to your inner demons!  You are going to kill it! 🙂

Fear #5 Rejection

What if they don’t like what I have to say?  What if this seemingly friendly audience turns on me? What if there is a heckler in the audience?  Well, put your mind at rest!  This is not an issue you need to worry about.  Your audience has probably paid good money or are giving their valuable time to discover what you have to say and share with them!

If someone interrupts you, acknowledged them and politely ask for them to wait at until the end when you will take questions.  If they persist, simply ask politely again to wait until the end as everyone else in the audience is here to here you and it would be better not to spoil their experience.  This will get everyone else on your side.

I have never been heckled – so this is a most unlikely scenario.  The persistent questioner needs to be parked until the end of the presentation.  You can always ask them to wait until the end and you will speak with them at the end in the break.

Your audience is your greatest group of supporters.  They are there for you and will respect your authority and back you up.  So don’t worry about them rejecting you in any way – its not going to happen!

Fear # 6 Difficult Questions

What if I can’t answer them?

The best way to answer a question to which you don’t know the answer, is to admit it and tell them to contact you and you will get back to them with an answer.  Just be honest.

What if they don’t ask any?

Getting the first question can sometimes be a bit daunting….for the audience. If there is a silence when you ask for questions, I have two strategies to suggest:

Firstly, ask yourself a question: “While I have been speaking to you it occurred to me that I did not talk to you about what would happen if….” and then answer the question.

Secondly, if you have a Master of Ceremonies, give him a question you have prepared and ask him to introduce it if no one else asks a question!  Its a simple as that because once the first question has been asked, the next will follow.

Banish Your Public Speaking Fears!

As you can see, the only thing to fear is fear itself.  So banish is and get on that stage and blow them away!

Free Training – Watch My 1:1 Coaching Call with Andy from Perth about his upcoming Presentation!

Would you like to discover some more great tips about making a speech or a conference presentation!  

Join this Free Training by clicking on this link or the image below

Public Speaking Coaching Master Class.001

Is There Anything You Fear More Than Death? Public Speaking?


Business Development Promo Image.010


If you are someone who has always been afraid of speaking in public and have resigned yourself to never being able to do this with confidence and authority, and you are almost ready to give up.


Ignoring this issue only makes it worse and enables your colleagues and competitors to become more influential and more respected while you do nothing.

I know how you feel, but I found a way out and I can show you how.

Course Image 2.001


I know when I was a junior Army officer, that speaking in front of large numbers of soldiers and other officers was a trial and a torment. I used to lay awake at night the day before I had to make a big presentation.

When I was making an important pitch or presentation to an investment banking client, I would have butterflies and be really nervous for hours before the meeting.

I discovered from experience how to put together a simple but compelling presentation, which engages my audience and how to deliver it with confidence and authority.

This is why I wrote this simple to follow, step by step course.

At the end of this course, we will have created your speech, the visuals and you will be ready to deliver it at your upcoming event!
You will discover how to:

  • Get started writing your amazing speech
  • Create the Story Board and Road Map for your presentation
  • Six Amazing Techniques used by Great Speakers which you can use too!
  • Create a Simple but Stunning Set of Visuals
  • Refine and Rehearse your Presentation
  • BONUS: Follow my Case Study so that you can see how I do it for real!


Just look at the comments I received after speaking at New Media Europe in Manchester in September this year!

Thank you, John, for your amazing presentation. Full of content… no, it was overflowing with content! And such practical stuff too. Thanks for inspiring me, giving me so many ideas, and showing me how to get on and do it.” David W

Many presenters rely on written prompt notes, I was impressed to see that John Colley’s notes were all in his head, a clear indication that John’s subject knowledge of the workings of Udemy and of course creation was second to none.

His knowledge, confident delivery, assertiveness and engaging manner made it, for me, a five star presentation. Well done John.” Ken A.

“”Great presentation John. John presentation on creating online courses at New Media Europe was straight to the point and well structured and delivered by an assertive speakerLucie M. S.


Imagine what it will feel like to hear the resounding applause at the end of your confident and engaging speech.

What its like when members of the audience come up to you and congratulate you and thank you for inspiring them.

What its like when your Boss comes up to you with a big smile on his face, grasps your hand firmly and congratulates you for “hitting it out of the park!”

All these things have happened to me and they can happen to you!

In this course you will find

  • 49 Lectures
  • Over 3 hours of content
  • Templates and Road Maps for Your Speech
  • Two real slide decks I use
  • Case Study: My actual speech at UKPOD14 and how it fits into this Structure

Don’t forget that this comes with a “no quibble” 30 day one hundred per cent money back guarantee – which is available at the push of a button. You have no downside when you enroll in this course!

Benefit from this Offer Today!

Click on the link below to go to Udemy and enroll in this $97 at the launch price of just $9. You will be working in the course in less than a minute and on the way to creating your first amazing speech which will set you on the road to Public Speaking success!

Course Image 2.001



What Students Are Saying About the Course…

Insightful CourseAs an NLP trainer, I have to say that this course has elements of body language, rapport, linguistics and more that are a must for effective speakers. John does a great job engaging the students and making this course a real tool for daily life, not only for speaking sessions.Alina T.

Excellent top courseLots of really good content, well delivered and a pleasure to learn from. You will find lots of great value in this comprehensive course” Sergey K.

“Learn from one of the best in the business…If you have every taken one of Johns courses, you will already know how effectively and engaging he is. If not, then you can get to know him, by taking this course.

Standing up in-front of an audience, whether it is in a board meeting at work, or a room full of attendees, really IS a daunting task, and as the saying goes, “failure to prepare is to prepare for failure”.

This course has been designed to give you the tools, techniques and confidence, you need to fully prepare for and execute a killer presentation. You will learn not only how to communicate with passion, prose and purpose, but you will see how John reinforces the notion of “simple, clear and direct” to fully engage your audience with information relevant to them.

If your goal is to inform, educate and entertain, avoid jargon, and follow a structured case study from start to finish, you can find all this and more in this course.

There are so many key take-aways from this course, that I do not want to spoil it for you, but I will list some of my favorites here: 11 sins, PDF resources, case study and access to John himself. How to utilize the 3 act play formula, to facilitate structure, delivery and focus! How to Open and close with impact, just like Steve jobs’ JOMT (Just one more thing) plus, How to upgrade your language and how to make numbers or facts impactful.

Again, this course is so packed full of essential tips and valuable advice that you would be doing yourself a dis-service not to watch it.

Thank you John for an excellent course!” Robin S.


So its time to banish that fear of Public Speaking – Take Action today – click on this link and enroll in this course today at the launch price today

Course Image 2.001



This is the Course I Wish I Had Done BEFORE I Started on Udemy!


Over 1,000 Students (I don’t ever give this Course away with Free Coupons) and over 50 Five Star Reviews!

Now 107 Lectures and 18 and a half hours of content! – the only course on making Udemy Courses you will ever need!

Get this course for 80% off for just $97 – normally $497

How Can I Help You with Your Udemy Business?

Ask the Doctor Promo Video Udemy 2.001

Are you ready to have a chat about how I can help you?

Lets set up a 30 minute no obligation call to discuss where you are and what you are doing.  This will help me to understand what you need and how I can help you.

Simply click on this link – – to take my short and simple 9 question survey!

There is no obligation at this point.  I will review your registration and then get back to you within a few days.  We can arrange a short call if you have any questions and then move forward.

Here is the link again to take the short Survey –

Master Udemy: Plan, Publish and Promote Profitable Courses!

This is one of my Flagship Udemy Courses in which I share with you the advanced techniques and strategies for creating highly successful and profitable courses on Udemy, including my exclusive database and access to world leading Data Visualisation Software for free!

This is the only course in Udemy that enables you to evaluate over 9,700 Udemy courses so that you can optimise the selection of your Course Topic.

This Course teaches you the important Strategies and Techniques that other Courses do not address. Don’t believe me? just check the Curricula in other Courses and see how little overlap there is.


“Very clear and insightful course.Being an instructor on Udemy and looking forward to producing my next course, I’ve found John’s course very instructive! I recommend it to all Udemy instructors, beginners as well as more experienced contributors.” Guy Y. 5 Stars+++++++++++++++In this Course I share with you everything that is working for me including: 

  • Planning,
  • Producing,
  • Publishing, and
  • Promoting my own Udemy Courses.

This Course now includes:

  • The Four Key Stages of Creating an Online Course
  • Planning: How I Structure and Plan my Online Courses Business (coming very soon)
  • Planning Your Course with with my exclusive Database and Software
  • Planning: How to Evaluate Your Competition
  • Planning: Key Questions Relating to Course Design
  • Producing: How I Create a Lecture in under 30 Minutes
  • Producing: Optimal Course Length and Numbers
  • Producing: Promotional Video Optimisation
  • Producing: Six Lectures Every Course Should Have
  • Publishing: Choosing the Right Category
  • Publishing: Evaluating your Pricing Strategy
  • Publishing: How to Price and Sell Your Course on Udemy
  • Promoting: How to Create a Lead Funnel to Grow Your Email List – and WHY you HAVE to do this
  • Promoting: Using Image and Automation Marketing Techniquies
  • Promoting: Listing Your Course on Coupon Sites
  • Promoting: Using Canva, Instagram and Flipagram in your Marketing
  • Promoting: Why you need a Black Friday Marketing Strategy

The biggest challenge is how to sell your courses once you have published them in the market place. This course gives you insights to help you become more profitable, faster.


“Reveals the secrets of Udemy.
Let me be clear, this course should be commissioned by Udemy and given to all instructors. I am convinced this would serve the students as well as the instructors. If you are an Instructor this will jump start your numbers be it dollars or pupils. This course is like Google Analytics for a web site and without it you are blind. Statistics in graphic form has been very successfully used by Professor Hans Rosling,you can see his presentations on TED. The presentation style is crisp,clear and to the point. Clear statements are made when “opinions” of the presenter are present. Simply brilliant Mr. Colley.” Carl S. Five Stars


New Great Content! – My Business Model and Objectives and Strategies for 2015I have just recorded a new 33 minute video which shows you exactly how I run my Online Courses Business. This includes my objectives and strategies for 2015. This will be published within the next week first here on the Course. I have never before given away so much of my inner planning secrets and you will be the first people to learn them. (This is being published as this goes to press)New Great Content! – How To Create A Sales Funnel This new module shows you the exact process, step by step, for setting up a sales funnel using Lead Pages and aWeber. Don’t worry, you don’t have to use either but you do need to understand the steps and how the whole complex framework hangs together.This is a critical aspect of Online Marketing which you need to get right as part of your Course Promotion Strategy. 11 brand new videos and over 40 minutes of HD video content – this could be a course in its own right!


“Great scientific approach

There are some courses on Udemy trying to reveal the secrets of creating a successful Udemy course but only this one is taking the scientific approach to help you plan, price and promote a course. And that greatly expands your chances to have your course in Top 25% or better. My advice – use common sense and (only) this course!” Matt S. R. Five Stars


Get this course for 80% off for just $97 – normally $497

I share with you, not just the WHAT and WHY but critically also the HOW of creating an Online Course business on Udemy!Don’t forget

  • You are locking in all future updates at this price
  • There is a full, no quibble 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Thank you very much for continuing to support my Courses on Udemy


Enrol in my Flagship Course: “Master Udemy: Plan Publish and Promote Profitable Courses” for an exclusive 80% discount.

Over 1,000 Students (I don’t ever give this Course away with Free Coupons) and over 50 Five Star Reviews!

Now 107 Lectures and 18 and a half hours of content! – the only course on making Udemy Courses you will ever need!

This $497 is only $97 for a very limited time – Enrol Today! 


Online Business Management – How I Organise My 2015 Online Business

Business Objectives Introduction.004

Defining an Online Business Framework

My work at the end of 2014 involved planning for 2015 and that helped me to bring my business into focus and to decide on my goals and objectives for the coming year.  In addition, I was able to look at my systems and processes to see what I was doing, what was working and what was not.  Bringing these processes into line with my Goals and Objectives has helped me to refine my business framework.

I am creating a series of video course modules about this to add to my Course Design Masterclass.  I am developing a sustainable and scalable online business and I am documenting what I am doing (as I always try to do) as I go along.

How Can I Help You with Your Udemy Business?

Ask the Doctor Promo Video Udemy 2.001

Are you ready to have a chat about how I can help you?

Lets set up a 30 minute no obligation call to discuss where you are and what you are doing.  This will help me to understand what you need and how I can help you.

Simply click on this link – – to take my short and simple 9 question survey!

There is no obligation at this point.  I will review your registration and then get back to you within a few days.  We can arrange a short call if you have any questions and then move forward.

Here is the link again to take the short Survey –

Online Business Management

[Read more…]

Online Courses are the Future: Get Five of Mine Free for Christmas

Linkedin Image.001


Why I believe Online Courses are part of the future and Why I want to give you five of mine for Christmas
I have spent a great deal of time this year building my Online Courses business.  I currently have over 19,000 students enrolled in my courses.  This has been achieved in 18 months. The Online Courses market is set to double in size in 2015 from a global market of around $50 billion this year.  This medium is a fantastic way to share learning across the world and I believe is an absolutely essential business tool.
How is your business going to capitalise on this in 2015?
The Online Learning Podcast
In October 2013, I launched the Online Learning Podcast which you can find on iTunes by going to
I have interviewed over 90 Udemy instructors and continue to publish an episode every week.  As well as learning about the instructors and their courses, this is a platform for the instructors to promote their courses with exclusive discounts which I share with the community.
Through the podcast I have met some amazing people and made some wonderful online friends. I am very proud of the podcast which has had over 160,000 downloads since I launched it.  Today each episode gets between 1,500 and 5,000 downloads!
Free Links to Five of my Online Courses
I want to share some of these resources with you to show you the benefits of learning from Online so I have created some free codes for you to enable you to enroll and discover!  There are no limits on the number of Coupons but they will expire on 31st December 2014.
Linkedin: The [80:20] Way
This course shares some of my strategies and techniques for getting more out of Linkedin
Social Sales Cycle – The 8 Step Social Sales Cycle to Getting More Online Sales
An introduction to the process of selling online and the key steps you need to understand in order to make the process work for you.
Mergers and Acquisitions DeMystified – How Deals Are Done
A brief introduction to the M&A process for those who are new to it.
Startups in Six Simple Steps – Learn the Basics in 45 minutes
This is again another introductory course, this time teaching you some of the basics of Startups
Social Media Strategy: The Crucial Steps You NEED to Know!
This introduces my approach to Social Media Strategy.  Again an introductory course but I provide some helpful frameworks and examples to help you think how to formulate your own strategy.
Please note these links expire at the end of this year on 31st December 2014
Get in Touch with me Directly to Learn More!
If you would like to know more about Online Courses and how they can help your business, then email me john[at]jbdcolley[dot]com and we can discuss how I can help you with this challenge!
I wish you all a very Happy Christmas and prosperous 2015!

Online Learning Podcast Episode 059 – Courses – How to Make Good Courses and How to Find Them

 Video Images 12.062



Discount Coupons Free Give Away.001

Yours to Keep -> Download Your Free PDF – “Discounted: 50 of the Best Online Courses” eBook -> Click on This Link to Download Now!


In this Episode, its just Me!  I wanted to share my thoughts and ideas on How to Make Good Courses and How to Find Them!  These comments apply to both Instructors and Students and I do not pull any punches on what I think makes a Great Course!

Don’t Miss An Episode!  Subscribe Below: 


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Using something Else?  Copy this Address: or;e975168c39a63e2f7befd9ba8758bf9e

In this Week’s Episode:

Interview: N/A – Its just me!

*** Full Disclosure: these are affiliate links.  If you click on this link, you will not pay any more (you still get the full discount) but I will earn a Commission.  If you do buy a course, please email me at john[at]jbdcolley[dot]com and tell me about it.  I would love to thank you personnally for supporting The Online Learning Podcast! Don’t forget you can still access the Course and the discount without going through the Affiliate Scheme by simply searching for the Course on Udemy and using the Coupon Code at Checkout in the normal way.  If you do this, Udemy will receive their normal commission and the Course Creator will get the whole of the balance. It is entirely up to you 🙂

You can find out more about Online Courses at

iTunes Rating and Review

If you like this Podcast, please consider going to iTunes and leaving us a rating (5 Star if you think we are worth it) and a comment as this makes a HUGE difference  to us on iTunes.  If you do leave me a 5 Star Rating, email me john[at]jbdcolley[dot]com and I will send you a free coupon for my Udemy Course, Entrepreneurs Guide: An Introduction to Startups!

Online Learning Expertise: How to Identify your Online Learning Expertise on Udemy

How to Identify your Online Learning Expertise on Udemy.001

 Online Learning Expertise – How to Identify Yours

When creating Courses on Udemy, you have the choice of 16 Categories to chose from.  This can be a little confusing as your expertise might cross several boundaries?

How do you then go about identifying your Online Expertise and positioning it in the right Category on Udemy?

How Can I Help You with Your Udemy Business?

Ask the Doctor Promo Video Udemy 2.001

Are you ready to have a chat about how I can help you?

Lets set up a 30 minute no obligation call to discuss where you are and what you are doing.  This will help me to understand what you need and how I can help you.

Simply click on this link – – to take my short and simple 9 question survey!

There is no obligation at this point.  I will review your registration and then get back to you within a few days.  We can arrange a short call if you have any questions and then move forward.

Here is the link again to take the short Survey –

What are the 16 Udemy Course Categories?

Udemy provides you with the option of the following Categories, in alphabetical order: [Read more…]

Do You Need to Get Investor Ready to Raise Funding for Your Startup?



There is nothing worse than spending weeks and months working on your Startup, finally getting a meeting with that key potential investor and then blowing the meeting!


This can set you back and even sound the death knell for your Startup?

What if you don’t have the experience you need to raise capital successfully?

Do you know how to speak “Investor Speak”?

But, What if you could learn this in less than 2 hours?

The Entrepreneurs Guide to Startup Funding – Udemy Course written by John Colley, The Six Minute Strategist

Learn how to communicate your vision, prepare your business plan and financial model and, most importantly, learn the inside track on how to pitch investors!

Check out the Special Offer at the End of this Post!

What if you also got an Outline Business Plan, a Financial Plan Template and in addition, an Investor Readiness Checklist.

But how can you share this with your team?

Easy, download all the slides with the attached notes and take them through the course yourself, or better still, connect your computer in the “Board Room” and put the lectures up on the screen.

Couldn’t be easier!

Take a look at this brief video which summarises the course:


Overcome your Experience Deficit!

If you are raising capital, the chances are this is your first time and yet the people to whom you are pitching have done this dozens of times.

You need to overcome thisExperience Deficit and ensure that when you get your one shot at pitching them, you are professional, well organised and that you deliver a concise and relevant message.

Its hard enough to get funding; without the proper preparation, its nearly impossible!

I have advised dozens of start up companies and have distilled my experience to help you get Investor Ready!

I am sharing my experience with you to help you close the Experience Deficit!

Over 1,100 Students have subscribed to this Course!

Take a Look on Udemy –The Entrepreneurs Guide to Startup Funding – Udemy Course written by John Colley, The Six Minute Strategist – and take a look at how many students are learning NOW from this course!

What Other Students are Saying About this Course


“Useful and rich of new things for me

The course is a total guide for Entrepreneurs to Startup Funding. It is a cornucopia of information on how to find investors to start your own job. The course includes many details, business and financial plan templates. It covers every aspect of the subject. Thank you John Colley for sharing your knowledge”

“Every Startup Team Needs to Take This Course Sooner Rather than Later

John Colley lays it out clearly in this no-nonsense guide to getting funding from venture capitalists.  Watch this course long before it is time to start looking for financial help.”


Whether you are just starting out with an idea or have already drafted your business plan and pitch slides this program will help immensely. I was able to fine tune my business plan and turn it into something that has a clear, concise message. Cheers for the investor checklist and sample pitch slides.”

“The Voice of Experience

In this course, John has pulled together what can be a complex subject in a series of logical steps. He has clearly done this by virtue of his wide experience in this area, and it will be of immense help to all entrepreneurs looking to raise finance for their businesses. An excellent programme.”

“Excellent content and design”

“The Entrepreneurs Guide to Startup Funding

This course is very well structured and contains excellent information at each lecture. It is very practical and straightforward. I would recommend it.”

The Entrepreneurs Guide to Startup Funding – Udemy Course written by John Colley, The Six Minute Strategist

Get this Course with a great time limited Offer – 60% Off – Use Coupon Code “FUNDING39” or follow this link:

Good Luck with Your Startup!

Get Investor Ready Today with The Entrepreneurs Guide to Startup Funding – Udemy Course written by John Colley, The Six Minute Strategist




Udemy Course: Entrepreneurs Guide: An Introduction to Startups

Startup Promo Image.001


As a prequel to my in-depth Udemy Course, The Entrepreneurs Guide to Startup Funding, I have created this introductory Course; Startups in Six Simple Steps: A Startup Business Framework.  You can enroll in this $97 Course for  just $19 for a limited time – join over 3,400 other students learning about Startups!

Click on this Link! Enrol Now!


This Introductory Course covers 36 Major Issues which are critical to startups.

Take a look at my Promo Video for the Course below:

In the Course, I create a 6×6 Matrix of Topics, which I describe in brief detail, to give you the basics from which to build your knowledge.  You can access the Course by following this link: Startups in Six Simple Steps: A Startup Business Framework.

Through this simple and easy to understand approach, I discuss Six of the most important topics relating to Startups:

1. Market

2. Profit

3. Plan

4. Capital

5. Value

6. Investors

These are shown in the Slides below:

7.003 7.004


I have provided a Video of each Topic, with a downloadable Slide Deck in PDF Format. I also include a PDF at the end with a text summary of all the issues covered so that you have a checklist to take away.  The Course should take no more than 45 minutes.

If you want to start learning about Startups, this introductory course is simple and straightforward and will introduce you to 36 of the major topics you will need to learn about if you are serious about Startups.

Six Key Benefits of the Course are:

1. Markets: I help you to understand the importance of ensuring that a market exists for your product before you start

2. Profit: I help you to learn to plan to make profits and cash from the outset

3. Plan: I teach you the importance of making a plan before you embark on your venture

4. Capital: You learn the importance of Cash Flow

5. Value: I explain to you how NOT to get your equity diluted out of sight

6. Investors: If you are going to need them, I explain how to speak their language.

 Startup Promo Image.001

Access the Course Here

You can sign up for this course on the Udemy website by following this link: Startups in Six Simple Steps: A Startup Business Framework.