Online Courses are the Future: Get Five of Mine Free for Christmas

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Why I believe Online Courses are part of the future and Why I want to give you five of mine for Christmas
I have spent a great deal of time this year building my Online Courses business.  I currently have over 19,000 students enrolled in my courses.  This has been achieved in 18 months. The Online Courses market is set to double in size in 2015 from a global market of around $50 billion this year.  This medium is a fantastic way to share learning across the world and I believe is an absolutely essential business tool.
How is your business going to capitalise on this in 2015?
The Online Learning Podcast
In October 2013, I launched the Online Learning Podcast which you can find on iTunes by going to
I have interviewed over 90 Udemy instructors and continue to publish an episode every week.  As well as learning about the instructors and their courses, this is a platform for the instructors to promote their courses with exclusive discounts which I share with the community.
Through the podcast I have met some amazing people and made some wonderful online friends. I am very proud of the podcast which has had over 160,000 downloads since I launched it.  Today each episode gets between 1,500 and 5,000 downloads!
Free Links to Five of my Online Courses
I want to share some of these resources with you to show you the benefits of learning from Online so I have created some free codes for you to enable you to enroll and discover!  There are no limits on the number of Coupons but they will expire on 31st December 2014.
Linkedin: The 80:20 Way
This course shares some of my strategies and techniques for getting more out of Linkedin
Social Sales Cycle – The 8 Step Social Sales Cycle to Getting More Online Sales
An introduction to the process of selling online and the key steps you need to understand in order to make the process work for you.
Mergers and Acquisitions DeMystified – How Deals Are Done
A brief introduction to the M&A process for those who are new to it.
Startups in Six Simple Steps – Learn the Basics in 45 minutes
This is again another introductory course, this time teaching you some of the basics of Startups
Social Media Strategy: The Crucial Steps You NEED to Know!
This introduces my approach to Social Media Strategy.  Again an introductory course but I provide some helpful frameworks and examples to help you think how to formulate your own strategy.
Please note these links expire at the end of this year on 31st December 2014
Get in Touch with me Directly to Learn More!
If you would like to know more about Online Courses and how they can help your business, then email me john[at]jbdcolley[dot]com and we can discuss how I can help you with this challenge!
I wish you all a very Happy Christmas and prosperous 2015!