Udemy Course Promotions- How to Promote Your Udemy Course on Udemy

I want to share my strategy for Udemy Course promotions with you, showing you step by step how to send promotions for your Udemy courses to students on Udemy.

Udemy Course Promotions

This is the process I use for sending out my Udemy Course Promotions.

The process is explained in the video above.  The details are summarised in the notes below.

With over 30 courses, it can be very time consuming and even with a clear system, this process takes me around an hour at a time.

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With so many courses its not pratical to send promotions out to all of my courses at once so I group my courses into four related Groups

1. Entrepreneurship
2. Marketing
3. Online Business
4. Udemy Related Courses

I then send out my Udemy course promotions out to students in these groups, rather than one at a time


You are permitted to send out two Udemy Course promotions “promotional announcements” per course each month.

Grouping promotions means that students don’t get overwhelmed.  If you send out too many promotional announcements Students unsubscribe from emails and Udemy hates this.  They carefully monitor the unsubscribe rate and will penalise you if your students start unsubscribing from receiving Udemy emails.

Sending promos one course at a time means students will get too many promotional emails from you each month

Udemy Course Promotions Key Steps

  1. Select the group of courses
  2. Decide on Price, Number of Coupons Duration
    1. Scarcity, time limit
  3. Create Coupons in the course
  4. Draft the announcement
    1. Catchy title
    2. Promo announcement
    3. Add course names and links
    4. Design Image
    5. Sign off with a “Passport Picture”
  5. Open Courses to send promotion to
  6. Create your Udemy Course Promotions Message
    1. 2 a month
  7. Paste in Title
  8. Paste in Announcement
  9. Correct any formatting or pasting issues
  10. Insert Promo Image at the top
  11. Insert Photo image at the bottom
  12. Remove offers where courses correspond to offers
  13. Address Recipients – Cascasde System
    1. Leave start date and end date blank
    2. Include all students
    3. Send to First Course but then exclude students from the first course in the address for every other subsequent promo annoucement so that students only get one email
    4. Send to Second Course, excluding students in the first course and then exclude second course from all subsequent announcements
    5. Carry on for the remaining set of announcements
  14. Send Out the Promos

At the end of the Promo Period review your results

  • Review Number of Sales of Each Coupon
  • Income generated from the Promo/change in Monthly Revenue figure