Do You Want An Unfair Advantage on Udemy?

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Are You an Online Udemy Course Instructor?

  • Do you have a specific niche interest?
  • Do you need to understand your competitors?

Are You an Udemy Course Student?

  • Do you have a specific niche interest?
  • Do you struggle to find the BEST courses to take?

Udemy is a fantastic market place for online courses, we all agree!

Udemy Secrets Revealed – Tips and Tactics to create best selling Online Courses

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Now that it has grown so huge, finding the course you want can be really difficult!

Just because Udemy puts it on the first page when you search, does not mean its either the best course or, more importantly, the best course for YOU!

I love UNFAIR advantages!  Information is Power…

I have identified over 21,000 Courses from over 9,100 instructors and have made them all easy to find at the click of a button using the (free to use) Visokio Omniscope Viewer! 

How many of the 9,100+ Instructors are taking advantage of this information today? Very Few!

How many of the 9,000,000 students are using this information to buy the best courses? A Tiny Fraction Today!

What My Students Say…

Don’t take my word for it – this is what some of my Udemy Students are saying about this course and its database!

“A must have for Udemy instructors

Very data heavy but if you’re serious about finding the right niches for you to teach within the Udemy ecosystem, there is no better place to start than here. Great course John!” 5 Stars

Symon He

“Comprehensive and valuable

I took this course from the perspective of both a student, and an instructor. First of all, the layout, video, and audio quality are very very well done. John is very easy to follow and lays things out in thoughtful, structured manner.

Once you’re in the course, you’ll see how powerful the Omniscope tool is. With the free viewer, it’s fun to go in and poke around with all the data (that John provides) and see what really matters on Udemy.” 5 Stars

Jim Hopkinson

“Super Powerful, Super Useful Tool For Udemy Instructors

This should be a required course for all Udemy instructors as you can gather huge insight into the whole Udemy online course ecosystem and how you can optimize your course strategy and design to take advantage of that.” 5 Stars

James Forno

“Perfect Course Analysis and Udemy Marketplace Tool

Visokio is an amazing tool. All changes are real-time. It’s like a supercharged Excel spreadsheet (sorting, pivot tables, pie charts and bar graphs to name a few) all synchronized to one another. And to top it off, the ability to filter your searches on any of the 26 fields is beyond helpful. I used this to identify keywords in like courses, to create the best title for my course. Thanks a bunch John!!!”  5 Stars

Algernon Tucker 

“Discovery of a fantastic new tool

I cannot believe that I hadn’t previously heard of Visokio Omniscope considering how powerful it is. John introduced this powerful search tool with an enthusiasm that made me excited to learn more. I found that, not only do you get the benefit of learning about the Omniscope and how it can help you to find more information as an instructor, but almost straight away I used the Omniscope to find several interesting free courses and some paid courses as well. John presents the course very well and I particularly like the point regarding unconscious incompetence. The only minor negative is that I was not as enthusiastic about the Visokio instructor’s portion. This was not because the information wasn’t good, but because the presentation and sound quality weren’t as good as many of the top Udemy instructors, including John. I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in discovering more about Udemy courses and competition for niches and anyone interested in data management and manipulation and the search process” 5 Stars

Steven Gardiner


This course is truly amazing. John has done a fantastic job compiling some VERY useful information both for students and instructors on Udemy. This will be my new secret weapon in my arsenal when developing new courses. I can’t thank you enough John for providing this. If you are serious about being an instructor on Udemy, please take this course!” 5 Stars

Jeremy Deighan

Interesting Udemy Information

I admit it. Data makes my eyes glaze over. And even though John is one of my favorite Udemy instructors and I learn a lot of actionable stuff from him, I went into this course fearing the worst. Wy eyes still glaze over when I think of accessisg lots of data, but this course had me riveted to my seat. John’s approach to Data, especially as it applies to Udemy is extraordinary. The secrets he spills are worth far more than the price of admission. Highly recommended.” 5 Stars

Scott Paton

Worth getting just for the free data John gives

I’m a Udemy instructor and this data would have been highly valuable right from the beginning. This tool gives me insights into competitors so I can have a goal to compete against.  John also gives free datasets that he has already generated. Those data sets are worth money on their own (people pay thousands for data like this).

Great stuff.” 5 Stars

Mark Price

Very effective for learning more about Udemy in just a few minutes

If you want to learn more about the Udemy marketplace and love data visualizations, you might have the same experience I did here. I figured I could give this course at least 15 minutes today to skim through and see what John came up with. In just 15 minutes I learned a lot about Udemy I did not know such as what courses are the top and I discovered a lot of instructors I had never heard of that have top courses on Udemy. In just a few minutes this course was helpful for me in motivating me to continue working on Udemy and learning more about what works to get students and grow here. Thank you John!

There is a TON of depth here in the course if you go through and download the program and data sets on John offers. I may give this a shot when I am done filming my lectures!” 5 Stars

Jerry Banfield

What You Will Discover in this Course – and WHY its going to help you!

In this Course you will gain access to a wide range of data about Udemy Courses

  • Course Title – Find all the courses in your niche
  • Course Sub Title – Search for Secondary Keywords
  • Course Short Description – Does this Course help YOU?
  • Udemy Category – Broad Search
  • Udemy Sub Category – Narrow Search
  • Intructors Name(s) – Who are your competitors? Who are the best instructors?
  • Instructors Tag Line – What can you learn about them?
  • Instructor Biography – Does this Instructor have the authority and expertise to help you?
  • Level of the Course – What do you need now?
  • Number of Students in the Course – Is this Course selling well?
  • Number of Reviews for the Course – Social Proof, if you need it?
  • Hours of Video in the Course – How long is this Course?
  • Number of Lectures in the Course – How well segmented is this Course?
  • Language of the Course – You may not speak English?
  • Course Price in USD$ – How much is the headline price? Don’t forget Udemy Discounts though!
  • Instructor’s Total Number of Students – How successful has this instructor been?
  • Instructor’s Total Number of Courses – How committed to Udemy is this Instructor?
  • Instructors Total Number of Reviews – What do this instructors Students feel about his/her Courses?
  • Link to Instructors Website – If this has been provided by the Instructor
  • Clickable Link to Course Page (affiliate link) – Go straight to the Course page to find out more!
  • Clickable Link to the Instructors Profile Page (affiliate link) – Go straight to the Profile page of the Instructor to find out more!

Just imagine how this can help you?


Using the Visokio Omniscope Viewer, you can search and view all 21,529 courses from all 9,218.  Look at the whole dataset and narrow down to focus on your key criteria!


Find the course you really want rather than the one that just comes up on the first page of search!  Don’t waste money and time failing to find the best course for YOU!

What is this information worth to you?

It took me six weeks to pull all this together – $1,000?

As an instructor, how much extra can you earn in a month once you complete accurate competitive research? $500?

As a student, how quickly can you achieve your goal by choosing the right course in the first place!  How much money will this save you? $100?

For a limited time, you can gain lifetime access to this data (which will be periodically updated) for just $5!  But this pricing will not last long!

Imagine having a huge haystack and looking for a pin and then someone comes along and gives you the world’s strongest magnet!  Suddenly the impossible becomes possible in an instant!

With the Visokio Omniscope Viewer and my data, you are not dependent on the “estimations” of the Udemy Search Algorithm.  Poor instructors and poor courses have no where to hide.  You can find the best instructors and courses!

Don’t forget, I am confident that this will revolutionise your whole Udemy experience! If it doesn’t, I offer an unconditional 30 Day money back guarantee! No Fuss, No Muss, No Bother!

What are you waiting for!  Here is an UNFAIR advantage being handed to you on a plate!