PLR (Private Label Rights) Licensing: An Extra Revenue Stream For Instructors

Many instructors are not aware of the opportunity in licensing their courses. All instructors understand the process of selling courses to students, but licensing can sometimes bewilder and surprise online instructors. 

There are many companies and entrepreneurs who need courses to sell, but don’t want to spend weeks or months creating content. This is where licensing comes in.

Licensing courses to third party companies is an additional way to earn more money from the courses instructors already made. In digital licensing, this is referred to as PLR Licensing or Private Label Rights Licensing. Think of it as something similar to white labeling other products and letting other companies put their logo on it, saying it’s theirs.

Of course, it’s not completely like that since you will speak and appear in your courses so your brand still grows, but otherwise, the process is similar. 

The process of PLR licensing is simple. You set the price and the terms and conditions for the license, and 3rd party companies license your courses for an upfront fee to resell on their sites where they keep 100% of the lifetime revenue. This doesn’t impact your sales wherever you sell your course since all this happens on another website. 

Everyone is happy. The instructor gets an upfront payment and the buyer gets a course they can sell overnight without having to buy expensive equipment, learn to use it, go through all the first-timer mistakes, and film.

That may sound like a good opportunity to some instructors, but some instructors are not open to this kind of licensing for a variety of reasons.


Many instructors rightfully value their content too much to let someone else resell it as their own. Other instructors want to control where their courses are sold online. Many successful instructors are not open to PLR licensing – and rightfully so. If a course is so amazing that it is head and shoulders better and more successful than others in your niche, there is no point to dilute where it is sold. But if a course is not a top 1-3% course, it’s probably just one of many in your niche and it isn’t as amazing as its creator thought and there is more reason to license it out if possible. 

Having said all that, the reality is still that many of the highest-quality courses are not available for PLR licensing. 

I did find one veteran instructor who has PLR courses available for licensing and that is Alex Genadinik. Alex is a veteran instructor. His courses are regularly updated and high-quality. Alex not only licenses his courses, but finds buyers for courses for fellow instructors, which is a big challenge in the PLR space. 


Finding buyers who want to license your courses is difficult. Buyers don’t just appear out of thin air and if you were to reach out to random companies who you think might find your courses useful, your success rate would be below 1% because many companies simply don’t need to license courses and you would waste a lot of time.

The good news is that Alex already has a growing number of regular buyers of his courses and is looking for instructors whose courses he can resell. If you are open to licensing your courses, reach out to Alex. 

He is picky about whose courses he chooses to resell because he only wants to offer highest-quality courses to his clients, but it’s worth a try.


You set the price for the courses. Once you have a buyer for a course and if it is available, you will get an upfront payment from the buyer. After the payment is made, you will be expected to deliver the course content within 24-48 hours.

Typically, the buyer of the course will be able to edit the price and the videos and set the price so you will be giving up quite a bit of control in exchange for the upfront payment.