3 Steps to becoming an Expert – The Expert Success Formula

Expertise in your field takes time to acquire but takes strategy to communicate to your audience.  As a blogger, podcaster and vidcaster, this is obviously a subject in which I take a personal interest.

So, I was very fortunate to meet Daniel Wagner at a Seminar last week and was able to have a good chat with him in the Bar afterwards.

We were discussing online branding and the importance of strategically developing your personal brand to become expert in your field.  Daniel then delighted and surprised me by telling me about his new book – The Expert Success Formula – which he co-authored with James Watson.  He promptly produced a review copy, signed it and gave it to me.

Well of course, I then had to read it and I am very glad that I did.

The three steps are

1. Create your personal brand online – mine as you know is the Six Minute Strategist

2. Produce Powerful Products

3. Cultivate a Buying Audience

You can learn more about this from Daniel who has posted this video on YouTube which I have embedded below.

I found the book very easy to follow as it is well laid out and has plenty of heading and sub-headings to guide you through.  There are helpful exercises some of which I have already tried.  If you are trying to work out how to accelerate your personal brand building then I can wholeheartedly recommend Daniel and James’s book.

(Full Disclosure: I have no financial arrangements with Daniel or James of any kind)

You can find out more about The Expert Success Formula by visiting their website http://www.expertsuccessformula.com/; Click the Link now and go and have a look.

I hope you find the book interesting, thank you for Joining My Conversation!