6 iPhone Accessories you never knew you HAD to have!

This is my first Technology Gadgets post and I thought I would share with you 6 fun gadgets which you can use with your iPhone.

I use some of these and the others are definitely on my wish list but unfortunately the budget does not always stretch far enough.

I hope you find these gadgets interesting and fun.  The article does contain Amazon Affiliate links and if you want to support the site, I thank you and please email me to let me know so I can thank you personally.  Of course, you can simply go to Amazon and input the name into the search function which will enable you to bypass the Affiliate link if you prefer and that is cool too!

Photo Cube Printer £119.99

This little printer allows you to charge and print direct from your iPhone without nee ding to download your photos to a computer.

It also works with an iPad, iPod Touch and the Android Samsung Galaxy S smartphone.

iPhones and iPod Touch can dock directly and iPads and Samsungs connect via a USB cable.

You need an App to connect which is free and available from the Apple App Store or the Android App store.

The printer uses the dye sublimation thermal transfer process to print photos.  The printer itself only comes with a trial ink cartridge so a separate cartridge purchase is necessary (£22.50).   Printing speed is approximately 55 seconds per sheet.  Available from Amazon.

Dimensions: approx 7″(L) x 4″(H) x 6″(W) Weight: 3.1lbs What’s in the Box? Printer User Manual AC Adpater power Cord Trail Ink/Photo Cartridge

Benq GP2 Mini Projector – £574.99

If you thought the printer was fun – how about a Projector.  I have the Keynote App on both my iPhone and my iPad and this would enable me to project my presentations.  I currently use a small portable projector which I have to run from my MacBook Pro.

This little LED projector has a dock for an iPhone or an iPod Touch.  It also has an optional battery pack, short-throw projection, unparalleled multimedia connectivity and two 2W stereo speakers.

When running at 100 ANSI lumen brightness on a fully charged battery, the projector can provide 3 hours of entertainment.

It can project onto a big screen up to 160” in size! It is important to ensure that your iPhone or iPod application supports TV-Out. The dock also charges your iPhone or iPod Touch.

You can connect your MacBook with a USB cable and the projector has 2 GB of internal storage so you can preload your presentation before you leave the office and travel light!

It is HD Ready with a 720p Resolution and its compact size means that you can project it in small spaces with a minimum 42″ distance to the wall.  At the same time it offers a high contrast ratio of 2400:1 and 200 ANSI lumen brightness, the GP2 gives you ultra-refined color definition with sharper text.

Native Union PoP Phone – £24.99


This is a corded, retro style handset that simply plugs into your iPhone.

For those of us of a certain generation, it has real nostalgia appeal, for you youngsters presumably high novelty value.

It comes in a range of colours and in fact Amazon list several different types by different manufacturers so its worth shopping around.

 ION iType Wireless Qwerty Bluetooth Keyboard for Smart Phones and iPad – £29.99


This little gem makes typing into your iPhone or iPad a great deal easier.  It is more compact and £20 cheaper than buying a blue tooth Apple keyboard.

The Bluetooth wireless connectivity means that there are no cables or docks.

It works with Apps, Browsers, email, calendars and more.

The rechargeable lithium ion battery gives 80 hours use on a single charge and it comes with an iPhone stand and a leather carrying case.  Product dimensions are 17.8 x 1.9 x 12.7 cm ; 136 g.  The boxed product weight is 454g.

How can you resist this!!!

Versus Zync Black Bluetooth Sportsband Headset – £41.95

This actually works with any bluetooth device but I think the styling is so cool it is perfect for iPhone owners.  You can even use it to make Skype calls on your MacBook Pro.

It will automatically pause music playback when taking a call and supports  remote control of play/pause, previous/next track, volume up and volume down.

Charging is via a 2.5mm jack.  The boxed weight is only 272g.


Bose Headset Series 2 – £129.00

While on the subject of headsets, check out this little piece of electronic wizardry from Bose.

This allows you to hear calls better, even if the external ambient noise changes and is particularly effective in windy conditions.

It has a soft flexible StayHear® tip (which comes either for the Left or Right ear – so you need to buy the right one for you).

It conforms to the A2DP Bluetooth standard so that you can listen to music or podcasts (like A Conversation with the Six Minute Strategist – Shameless plug 🙂 ) from your iPhone.

Bose products are not inexpensive.  I have a set of Bose noise cancelling headphones and I absolutely love them.

Well thats it for this little forage around the market place.  I hope you will forgive this indulgent foray into technology and I hope you have found something you never knew you HAD to have. Surely you have a birthday coming up soon?

If this proves popular, I have a more toys and gadgets I can share with you.  Do let me know!