6MS Episode 55 A Conversation with Helen Thomas, GFT AG

Here is the latest podcast Episode from my Podcast, A Conversation with the Six Minute Strategist.

In this Conversation, Helen Thomas, Head of Enterprise and Services, explains GFT’s Code-n initiative for early stage companies which this year is focusing on the most innovative companies in the engergy efficiency sector.

You can find out all about Code-n at www.code-n.org (not .com as I mistakenly mention during the interview).

You can find out more about GFT AG at http://www.gft.com.

Helen and I met at a meeting of the Entrepreneurs Panel of the Information Technologist Livery Company, which is at http://www.itcmentoring.com/index.html

You can reach Helen at helen.thomas[at]gft[dot].com.

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