6MS Eye Piece 10 November 2011- Do you Crave an Interactive eMenu?


I do not often get the opportunity to show case one of my consulting clients but today is a first as I take this opportunity to let you know about the exciting progress Crave Interactive is making in the eMenu market.  Full Disclosure: IAF Capital have a consulting relationship with Crave Interactive – oh yes and a good relationship with the founder and CEO Gareth Hughes 🙂

On the eve of the New York i.Menu Expo (which runs 13th -15th November 2011) Crave have announced a real break through in hotel emenu technology.   Their new GuestService+ solution offers a vast array of concierge services in multiple languages where ever they are taking advantage of an in-room etablet and a Smartphone App when out and about.  You can read their press release here.

The technology provides the Guest with a superior service and access to all the information they require, when they need it.  For hotel operators there are considerable financial and marketing benefits as well as enhanced customer service.  Furthermore, the Guests can still make use of the Application for repeat booking and sharing with friends after they have completed their stay.

In the video below Paul Hammond, Crave’s commercial director, tells you more about how the Crave eMenu technology works.

One day, all restaurants and hotels will do it this way.  Its great to see a British Technology Start Up being so innovative and successful.

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