6MS Eye Piece 11 November 2011 Going around the Silicon Roundabout


In January 2011 I published a detailed post about Silicon Roundabout and who has been investing in what sort of companies.  Since then the area has continued to attracted companies, investment and interest.

I am revisiting my analysis at present to see what has changed but for those of you who missed the post I thought it would be worth revisiting it again as the subject is so topical.  You can find it at this link.

The generally accepted wisdom is that it is difficult to get early stage funding in the UK and I was surprised to find a wide range of investor – US and mainland European investing firms as well as UK venture companies were all active.  I identified 18 Angel and 48 venture investors.

Of the 112 companies I looked at, most of the investment was gained by software and internet businesses, with consultancies the weakest group.  I find my analysis telling not only for the sectors and scale of investment but a very good pointer to finding investors for other projects I am working on.  I hope you find it interesting as well.

What Next?

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