6MS Eye Piece 11 Oct 2011 – Can U XeeMee?

Can U XeeMee?  I hope So!

This is a new aggregation site which I have found which I think is a great place to one-stop-shop for Social Media Connections.

The website is http://xeeme.com.

You can find my profile here.

I found it easy to set up links to my major social networks and to connect to my major sources of contacts – LinkedIn, Ecademy, Twitter and Facebook.  By aggregating the contacts by using the free Focus! Xeemee application I have been able to reach out to my network and broadcast a “This is where you can find me” message.

I think its a great site and will continue to use it (full disclosure – I do NOT have an affiliate relationship with XeeMee and although there are referee codes, they are not embedded on the links on this page.)

Give it a try and tell me what you think?

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