6MS Eye Piece 23 Nov 2011 – Lifestyle the Virtual Way with Chris Ducker

The Virtual Business Lifestyle is what it is all about!

I want to showcase this blog and podcast in my Mid-Week Site Slot simply because I get a lot from it and really enjoy Chris’s written content and podcast.

Chris is an Englishman (a Brit) who has the undoubted pleasure of living in the Phillippines from where he runs a successful outsourcing business.

His blog and podcast is all about how to live the lifestyle of a virtual entrepreneur.  For those of us still seeking enlightenment and walking the rocky path of the daily grind, he has masses of content which you can adapt to become more creative and more productive, even if you don’t completely virtualise your lifestyle.

His podcasts (of which there are 49!) contain great interviews and there is always something to take a note of or follow up.  Chris is about to reach Podcast Episode number 50 (Has he managed to get Gary Venerchuk on the podcast??? If not, come on Gary….) and for that we applaud and salute him.

I have no financial arrangements with Chris, this is simply a really great source of content and information from a Perennially Entertaining Chap!  I strongly recommend you check out his site at The Virtual Business Lifestyle and his Podcast on iTunes.

Here’s to you Chris!

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2 thoughts on “6MS Eye Piece 23 Nov 2011 – Lifestyle the Virtual Way with Chris Ducker”

  1. Hi John

    Came across this thanks to Google Alerts, and very happy I did. Thanks so much for feature. I’m so glad you like the stuff I put out.

    As for Gary and episode 50… It didn’t happen unfortunately, scheduling clashes, etc., I’ve just recorded the 50th episode on my own… Will be live next week.

    Really appreciate your support. Thanks again, mate.


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