6MS Eye Piece 22 Nov 2011 – Do you trust the US Government to Protect-IP?


This is not a political site but I think this issue needs to be highlighted and raises real concerns about the future of the Internet.



What am I talking about? – the SOPA bill being processed by the US Government which, under the guise of protecting intellectual property, is shaping up to be a swinging censorship act.

To explain this in better and more detail, take a look at this video.

There is a great discussion about this issue on Addicted to Social Media – Only You can Save the Internet. My thanks to Jody, Seth and Neal for bringing this issue to my attention.  A2SM links Josh Kopelman – Red Eye VC   who has an informed post about the subject.  Josh links to a Tumblr application which, if you are a US citizen, will connect you to your Congressman.

It strikes me that the vested interests promoting this bill are akin to the saddle makers of the late nineteenth century trying to stop Henry Ford mass produce the automobile without stopping to think about the demand for leather car seats – I don’t know if they did but the analogy is bang on!   We must not be complacent about this or we shall wake up to a very different and draconian internet.

To answer my own question – No, I do not and what is more I trust other Governments world-wide even less not to jump on the band wagon.

Rant over!

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