6MS Eye Piece 28 Oct 2011 – Is your content Shareable?

Is your content Shareable?  If you are engaging in Social Media, this is a fairly important question.

My daily Scoop.it summary drew my attention to  this blog post by Marcus Taylor, co-author of the book Get Noticed and head of social media at SEOptimise.  You can find the post at David Armano’s blog Logic + Emotion. David is EVP, Global Innovation & Integration at Edelman Digital.

Marcus sets out 10 factors which can be applied in a “scientific” way to evaluate how shareable your blog post may be.  He enables you to rank 10 factors and create a score out of 100.  The advantage of this is that the post does get you to think about the relevance of your post.  Some of Marcus’s factors include, uniqueness and timing, the intrigue created and the level of trust the author has with his/her reader.

In my view, one of the most important parts of a blog post is the headline, creating a stimulus that makes the reader want to find out what is being discussed.  I find that “How to”, “6 Ways to…” and Questions??? are helpful techniques to create interest and intrigue. Hence the title of this post – You see it works…

I think Marcus’s post is worth thinking about as bloggers (myself included, of course) should always be trying to create content that the blog’s readers want rather than content that interests the blogger.  Lets hope I am successful in this 🙂

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