6MS Eye Piece 8 December 2011 – Do you listen to Digital Marketing?

One of the challenges I find with iTunes and Podcasts is exactly that – finding them in the first place or more often NOT finding them.  iTunes is a massive market place and finding good podcasts can, to a degree, rely on serendipity.

So I recently found a really good podcast and a British one to boot!  One of the aims of my blog is to share the content I really enjoy and benefit with you which hopefully saves you time and gives you something useful or interesting

So – check out The Digital Marketing Podcast from Dan Rowles and Ciaran Rogers.   The podcast has been around since May 2010 and they have produced 54 episodes covering a wide range of tip, tricks and interviews. Here is the iTunes Link.  Some of the episodes include:

Getting the idea?
There is also an associated Blog here which has some great content and well written articles.  Dan and Ciaran clearly are in the flow and know what they are talking about.
Go over and check them out – let me know if you agree with my views here.
Full Disclosure: I have no financial or any other relationship with Dan, Ciaran or the Podcast.
Coming up tomorrow and all next week, I am starting a six day series discussing Venture Capital Fund raising entitled “How to beat VCs at their own Game”.  This covers some of the issues which Entrepreneurs need to understand before engaging with VCs.  The key to winning the game is knowing more about them than they know about you.  I have been writing it for the last 10 days which is why their has been an Eye Piece hiatus, I hope you think that it will have been worth while.


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Thank you for joining in the Conversation, see you again very soon.

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