6MS Eye Piece 9 Dec 2011 Whats happening in London Tech Startups?

Silicon Roundabout is only the eye of the Storm!

Thanks to great work by DueDil (itself a tech start up) and TechHub we can see a lot more about the companies that are thriving in the Tech Start Up scene in London.

In a DueDil Blog post, entitiled The Real London Tech Startups, Andrew Connolly has produced some compelling research which takes the Silicon Roundabout analysis to the next level.  He has been able to harness DueDils amazing information database to identify over 300 tech start ups in Central London.  He has then gone further and recently produced a list of these companies which can be found here.  The list includes links to each website and a connection to the DueDil file.  The companies have been plotted on an interactive map which can be found here.

And there is more…DueDil have produced an info graphic which provides some further information about the whole data set, including some of the most influential investors.  The link to this info graphic is here.

Launched in April 2011, Duedil is the largest database of free company financials in the world. We aggregate over 30billion data points including information in the Companies House database to bring you indispensable information on every company & director in the UK & Ireland, for free.

TechHub is the physical hub for the technology start-up community. It’s launching first in London in the Shoreditch/Old St area and will consist of desk spaces, co-working space, meeting rooms and an event space. London is the first space, but will be swiftly followed by others in the TechHub network around the world, so wherever you are, you can connect @TechHub.

This is undoubtedly the best work I have seen this year on covering the London Tech Start Up Scene and it is invaluable for both Entrepreneurs and Investors alike.  Well Done DueDil and TechHub.

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