6MS Episode 57 What does Open Source Software mean to you?

Do you understand the ideas, ethos and influence of Open Source Software?

No, neither did I until I heard Yves de Montcheuil explain it to me.

At a recent Big Data Conference organised by Talend, a pure play vendor of open source software, offering a breadth of middleware solutions that address both data management and application integration needs, the company’s VP of Marketing, Yves de Montcheuil gave a presentation explaining the significance of Open Source software and how it shapes the culture and relationships with  users and customers for his company.

I am grateful to Yves and to Talend for permitting me to reproduce an audio recording of his presentation.

He summarised his 20 minute presentation into twevle points which I have reproduced below:

  1. Collaborative development is nothing new
  2. Free software is not about price its about philosophy
  3. Collaborative communities can scale just as effectively as companies
  4. Open Source is both ideological and practical
  5. Open Communities create high quality Enterprise grade Software
  6. Being genuine is extremely important when dealing with Open Source
  7. There are people out there with a lot at stake who use Open Source everyday
  8. You carry Open Source in your pocket everyday
  9. Open Source companies search for solutions before building them
  10. Open Source companies respect standards
  11. Open Source companies value community ideas as much as their own
  12. Happy users promote technologies in ways companies never can

The audio quality is not brilliant and this is entirely my fault as I recorded the presentation from the sound in the room with a digital hand held recorder.  I hope you agree once you have listened to the presentation, that the quality of the content is worth persevering with despite the limitations of my recording.

Full Disclosure:  This should not be taken as an advertisement for Talend nor do I have any affiliate or any other financial relationship with the company.   I am grateful to them for the invitation to a stimulating conference.

I hope you enjoy Yves’ presentation and, like me, now have a slightly better appreciation of the role of Open Source in the software ecosystem.

Thank you for joining the Conversation!