Announcing the New Six Minute Strategist Chatroom!


New Chatroom Launched!

I am delighted to announce the launch of a Chatroom on my website, The Six Minute Strategist Blog at!

The Chat Room is open to all members of my Community and my Online Course Students.

There are 10 Main Channels – depending on what you are interested in:

These are:

1. Online Courses – #onlinecourses
2, Fiverr Success – #fiverrsuccess
3. Udemy Course Director – #udemycoursedirectory
4. Business Strategy – #businessstrategy
5. Startups – #startups
6. Public Speaking – #publicspeaking
7. Amazon FBA – #amazonfba
8. Udemy Affiliate Marketing  – #udemyaffiliatemarketing
9. Copywriting – #copywriting
10. Social Media Marketing – #socialmediamarketing

I will be in the Chatroom everyday and look forward to stimulating discussions and answering your questions!

This is a place for you to ask questions to help you improve your knowledge and performance in any of the 10 areas of interest that I cover.  You are most welcome and I would also ask that you try to answer questions as well as ask them

Please no spamming or anti-social behaviour!

Come and join in the fun, connect with great people who share your interests and ask and answer questions!

To join the chat room is easy, just click on this invitation link and start a discussion! –

See You Inside!