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Are you struggling to create a profitable online business
Does course creation seem overwhelmingly complex and difficult
Are your online marketing strategies failing to attract leads and prospects
Well if any or all of these apply to you then you need a little help?

But, I hear you ask, from where?
A hot Facebook “guru”
Some online course expert?
Someone who just wants to sell you their podcasting course?

On their own these are probably ok but can they really help you to grow your business?

It’s time to get serious and engage with someone with real business experience
Someone who understands digital marketing on multiple platforms
An online educator with over 80,000 students and a six figure business

John Colley is all of these
Let’s run through a quick resume to demonstrate this
Three degrees including a masters from Cambridge University and an MBA with distinction from Cass Business School, London one of Europes leading business schools
Nine years military experience- retiring as a Captain
Over 30 years investment banking experience in senior roles including founding and Co-running two boutique firms

Over the past decade John has created his own online business centred around over 40 courses by making his commitment to life long learning.

The Six Minute Strategist Academy contains over 40 Online Courses
Entrepreneurship training sharing essential business skills
Digital Marketing training for growth and higher profitability
Online Course creation training to create and sell your own digital products
All in one place!

This experience is available to you. If you are ready to seize the opportunity

But, I can hear you ask, what will this cost? Can I afford this?
$300 an hour?
$997 for a fancy course?
$10,000 membership fee for a VIP programme?

What about a monthly investment of just $9.99, with a seven day free trial and cancel any time?

This is what John cannot do for you
He can’t do the work for you
He can’t take action for you
He can’t implement what he is going to teach you
That’s all down to you

OK, It’s decision time
Either take action, make a small monthly investment in yourself and join John’s Six Minute Strategist Academy today and start building a brighter more successful and profitable future for yourself and your family
Or… do nothing, carry on the struggle and the same old same old that you put up with every day

But I know you are smarter than that and I am looking forward to welcoming you to the Academy today

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