Capital Issues for Small Businesses – The Video!


I have been inspired by Andrew Warner and Mari Smith to post a video on YouTube.  In her interview with Andrew on, Mari speaks about Radical Strategic Visibility in her interview on Mixergy and I have tried to take a leaf out of her book.

Having written a series of blog posts on the subject of the Capital for Small Business, I have shot a short video about the series and posted it on YouTube to promote the blog posts.  This is also something of a marketing experiment to see what effect the video has on my site and visitor numbers.

The blog posts cover:

The Role of the UK Banks and UK Government in providing access to capital for Small Businesses

Alternative sources of Capital for Small Businesses, including Angel investors, High Network Individuals and Internet Platforms.  I also mention the Lean Start Up, a strategy for reducing the capital required by a Start Up

Credit Agencies and Credit Scores and the importance, as a Small Business, of knowing your Credit Score

36 Questions to Ask your Bank Manager – Go On, put him on the Spot!

I am also going to post the video through Twitter, on Ecademy, on Facebook and on Vimeo.  I will let you know what impact this posting strategy has.

What Next?

Take a look at my FREE video Tutorial “How to Turn Your Great Idea into a Business” which is all about Starting a Business and Raising Capital.