Facebook Pages 25 Inspiring Me!

Facebook Pages offer an an opportunity to connect with people who inspire you.  One of the great pleasures of being an Online Courses instructor is the opportunity to learn from other instructors and be inspired by them!  I am trying to share their Facebook Pages and some of that inspiration with you and my growing Facebook Community over at the Six Minute Strategist Page.


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In the course of interviewing and meeting so many instructors, I have come across some really inspiring people and I want to share their Facebook Pages with you so that you can dip your toe into their deep well of knowledge and experience.  So in no particular order (that would be impossible)…

25 Inspiring Facebook Pages

1. Rob Cubbon

Why?: For great guidance on being a digital nomad and his great design skills

Rob Cubbon

2. Ani Alexander

Why?: For anything to do with writing and publishing eBooks (or hard copy!)

Ani Alexander Write to Be Read


3. Meron Bareket

Why?: For the Inspiring Innovation Podcast and being the go to guy (for me) on Podcasting!

Meron Bareket

4. Chris Ducker

Why?: For leading, Entrepreneurial inspiration – and incidentally he is quite good at outsourcing and virtual assistants!

Chris Ducker


5. Nick Loper

Why?: For Side Hustling and finding amazing people who create income online!

Nick Loper


6. Steven Aitchison

Why?: For being the Facebook expert I turn to and for inspiring people in their daily lives!

Steven Aitchison


7. Mike and Izabela Russell

Why?: For being the founders and organisers of New Media Europe Conference and for being exceptionally great people!

Mike and Izabella Russell

8. Mark Price

Why?: For being one of the smartest technical people I know who is so generous with his advice!

Mark Price

9. Mark Timberlake

Why?: For leading his SME Tribe and always being prepared to share ideas!

Mark Timberlake

10. Jerry Banfield

Why?: For being an outstanding online instructor from whom we can all learn

Jerry Banfield

11. Victor Bastos

Why?: For showing us all how to succeed with an online courses business in Udemy

Victor Bastos


12. Johnny Beirne

Facebook Page Why?: For his passion for Public Speaking which he shares with the Speakific community (and me too!)

Johnny Beirne


13. Cathy Presland

Why?: For always being positive and encouraging and very good at writing and publishing!

Cathy Presland

14. Mark Trego

Why?: For creating an amazing ELearning business and leading the way!

Mark Trego

15. Alexa Fischer

Why?: For her contribution in showing you how you can be amazing in public!

Alexa Fischer


16. Vanessa van Edwards

Why?: For her amazing communication skills and sharing them with us!

Vanessa van Edwards


17.Ian Cleary

Why?: For being an amazing source of information about online tools – and so much more!

Ian Cleary


18. Phil Ebiner

Facebook Page Why?: For creating an amazing online community of students and showing us how we can do it too!

Phil Ebiner


19. Veena Vee

Facebook Page Why?: For inspiring millions of Mums to be millionaires and sharing her infectious enthusiasm for Entrepreneurship!

Veena Vee


20. Tim Paige

Why?: For being the Lead Communicator at Lead Pages – and for not saying No to an interview on a Podcast he had never heard of (mine!)

Tim Paige


21. Jimmy Narraine

Why?: For being an inspiring Online Entrepreneur and creator of online courses packed with very high quality content

Jimmy Narraine


22. Debbie LaChusa

Why?: For showing us how to transfer consulting skills to the online world and for inspiring Entrepreneurs to excel!

Debbie La Chusa

23. Julie Sheranosher

Why?: For hacking time to pieces and always having time to encourage everyone she connects with!

Julie Shernosher

24. Jelle Derckx

Why?: For scaring me with the idea that I might be able to live a minimal life without all my clutter! – Really Jelle?

Jelle Derckx

25. Amy Schmittauer

Why?: For being an absolute Youtube marketing Ninja and for being utterly charming when I met her at New Media Europe 2015 where we were both speaking!

Amy Schmittauer


Who has inspired you? Leave a Comment and Share your most inspirational pages with us all!

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