Free iBook – How to think like a Six Minute Strategist in the iBookstore


I am absolutely thrilled to be able to share with you the fact that I have just published my first ebook and  that I have published it on the new iBooks platform.

The book is entitled – How to think like a Six Minute Strategist…in Six Minutes and it is available at the amazing price of FREE

You can find it in the iBookstore by going into iTunes, searching on “John Colley” and selecting Books.  It is then available to you as a free download.

I would be delighted if you check it out and tell me what you think.  I am learning both how to effectively communicate in book form but also how to get the most out of this new format – I love the interactivity.

I have posted a brief video on YouTube about it.

Here it is to save you going over there.

The process of publishing the book was reasonably pain free but the software has a few quirks which you need to get used to.  For instance, the automatic creation of the Contents Page caused me some confusion and I am still not sure if I managed to get it right.

You need to register at iTunes Connect and decide whether you want to put out paid or free books.  The former requires bank information and a US tax number which as a non US citizen caused me some concern so I am sticking to free for the time being.  There is a helpful PDF guide and the free iBooks Author software is all you need.   You should note carefully in the terms and conditions that any content created on this platform using the iBooks Author software can only be SOLD through the iTunes store – so they are locking in the format.  They do not claim ownership of your content.  Free books can be distributed freely.

Anyone can publish quickly and briefly using these tools and reach a wider market with interactive micro-publishing.  I will definitely be putting out more content this way and expect Amazon to match the format in the near future.  I will let you know how effective this has been in due course.

I am excited by the ability to create interesting books with great interactive content.  Like anything it just takes a bit of getting used to.  Do let me know what you think?

I have produced a PDF version of the book which you can download here.  Please do share this with Friends and Colleagues too!  I have prepared a powerpoint template which you can download and use.  It can be found here.

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