How I CAN help your Startup Raise Capital – An Offer for UK StartUps


Are you a UK StartUp or Early Stage Company seeking Capital?

I know how difficult and expensive it can be when you are starting up a business and have very limited resources.

This is how I want to try to help you.

For a limited time only, I want to extend a special deal for UK based early stage businesses.  I want to offer you  very low cost, low risk access to my personal UK Venture Capital and Private Equity Investor Database containing nearly 1100 firms to help you identify some suitable investors.

Here is my Offer how it works.

You email me at jbdcolley[at] and send me a brief profile of your business.  Include with this the names of the VC firms you have already approached or already know.  This will form a “Red List” of firms that I will not feed back to you.

I have a database of over 15,000 investors globally which I have built over the last 10 years so I probably know these investors already.

If I think your business is fundable, I will send you a brief 10 minute questionaire of key criteria for you to fill out.  This requires simple very brief answers.

I will then screen your criteria against my database of investors to produce a short list.  I will then tell you how many names I have found and these are available to you at £10 a name.  

I will provide you with the name of the firm, its address, telephone number, website and the names of its executives.  If I have a personal contact there, I will also tell you that to help you with your approach.

If I do not think your business is fundable, I will email back with some brief but direct reasons why not.

You tell me how many names you want to purchase, there is no minimum and you can come back to me three times to purchase names (this is only to minimise drip feeding one name at a time).

I will also require you to sign a contract that you will pay us 1% in cash of any funds raised from these investors as any time in the next two years.

The normal cost of fund raising is 5%-10% of funds raised so I believe that is represents very low risk and exceptional value.

The period is 24 months because investments will take time to arrange and can often be staged against milestones.

Would you like more information about raising Venture Capital or Private Equity?

I am publishing a series explaining on Venture Capital and Private Equity which will cover:

  • How to identify types of Venture Capital and Private Equity Firms,
  • How to understand their investment Criteria
  • How to approach investors
  • What they are looking for
  • Six Reasons Business Plans are rejected
  • The Key aspects of a Financial Model

When these posts come out I will link to them here. The first of these will be published on Monday 20th February 2012.

Six Minute Strategist PRO

I will be making more detailed information on how to raise capital for StartUp companies through the Six Minute Strategist PRO – my membership section of my site which will provide entrepreneurs will detailed checklists and guides to help and this will be available in the near future for a low monthly fee.

Need some Consultancy Advice?

However, if you want some consultancy advice from me, I am prepared to offer a limited number of  one hour sessions at £97 per hour to help you get started in your funding process.  These consulting sessions will be conducted over Skype so there is no travelling involved.

You apply for a slot, we agree an agenda and a time.  You transfer the fee to my PayPal Account (details of which I will provide to you) in advance and then we do the call.

Thats is – simple, direct and fair.

If you are a StartUp, particularly a Technology StartUp get in touch with me now.  jbdcolley[at] or check out my contact details on the site.

May 2012: This offer is now closed.  Thank you to all who participated.