How to find my Content in just Three Clicks!


I have now been blogging for nearly 18 months and in that time have produced over 200 different pieces of content.

But how do you know what is out there and how can you find it?


Well now its EASY!  You can find any of my pieces of Content in no more than three clicks!

First Click

Go to my Menu Header = Find My Content”

This will open a page with an interactive flash object with 10 Icons on it.   By Clicking on anyone of these icons you can go to the Topic Page indicated, e.g. Online Marketing or Strategy.

Alternatively you can directly select any of these pages from the drop down menu below the “Find My Content” Menu item.

Second Click

When you arrive at the Topic Page, another Flash object will load.  You can select any of the icons to go to that blog post.  Each Icon has the title of the blog post on it.

Alternatively you can use the menus on the right hand side to filter out the topics you are not interested in.  This will grey out the connected icons leaving you with a shorter number of options from which to select.

Third Click

Click on the Icon relating to the Content you wish to find and this will open in a separate window.  Thats it.

What do the different Icon Styles Mean?

There are four designs of Icon so that you can see at a glance what type of content you are connecting to.

Icons Relating to Eye Piece - Shorter Blog Posts



Eye Pieces which are my short blog posts



Icons relating to Blog Posts - Longer Pieces on Major Topics



Blog Posts which cover major topics or issues.   These often come in several parts.



Icons Relating to Podcast Episodes



My Podcast Episodes.  These often cover the same topics as the Blog Posts and enable you to consume the content in a different way.



Icons Relating to Video Content

Video Content, normally under 3 minutes and often introductions to my Blog Posts.


I hope you find this makes accessing my content a lot easier.  Please let me know what you think by emailing me (jbdcolley[at] or by leaving a comment!

Have a great day and thank you for joining the Conversation!