iExecutive for iPad from NutKase Accessories – Video Review


Following my exciting interview with Oliver Page the Founder of NutKase Accessories, I wanted to share with you why I am excited about my iPad iExecutive NutKase.

You can listen to the interview here.


I hope you find the Video informative and helpful.  Let me know what you think.


You can find Oliver’s website at, his Facebook Fan Page is at, and on Twitter he is @nutkaseforipad

If you listen to the interview, you can find out how to get a 20% Discount from Oliver, a generous offer he has made for members of the Six Minute Strategist Community.  Hint you will need to know where to find him.

If you want to email Oliver (to place an order for example :) ) he can be reached at nutkaseproducts[at]

Thank you for joining the Conversation.

Full Disclosure: I have no affiliate relationship with Oliver (April 2012) but I would really like to do something about this 🙂