Interupt to Profit Promotional Video with Rob Cornish

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Simple “trick” to massively boost your email list optins

Imagine if there was a simple “trick” that:

1. Took virtually no effort, time or hassle on your part to implement
2. Resulted in a dramatic increase in optins to your email list (and the money you make)

Would you use it?

Well this is exactly what Rob gives you with this eBook from Rob Cornish

Rob has put together a big collection of proven “Pattern Interrupts” – powerful money grabbing tactics that secure and retain attention.

You might know Pattern Interrupts are used by famous marketers such as Frank Kern as well as the world’s biggest marketing agencies.

But they can benefit you too.

Deployed correctly (Rob shows you how), they are hugely powerful in boosting:

1. Your squeeze page optins
2. Email open and click rates
3. Sales page conversions
4. Banner click through rates
5. Blog post engagement
6. Video and webinar “Stick” rates

…AND… they are super FAST and EASY to put to work.

I HIGHLY recommend you pick this up – it’s unique and very, very good.

Best regards – John