Is your Website Google Optimised?


I was listening to the Online Income Lab podcast hosted by Trend Dyrsmid at the weekend and heard one of the best podcast episodes that I have listened to for quite a while.

I feel it only fair to share this with you! 🙂

In Session 16 of the Online Income Lab podcast, Trent interviewed internet marketer extraordinaire Matt Kadish on the important subject of Google Optimisation.

So what is this all about and why is it so important?

Well, if you have a website and you want it to rank well in Google for your keywords, it is no longer good enough to do basic Search Engine Optimisation.   Matt explains how the Google Algorithm has been evolving, particularly after the Panda update, and what this means for your website and its ranking in Google.  This really is information you cannot afford to ignore.

The key message is that rather than trying to game the Google algorithm, you need to learn how to give Google what it wants – Quality and Original Content – in return for what you want – Ranking.

I strongly encourage you to visit the Online Income Lab Blog and to check out Session 16.  Trent has posted a follow up Blog post to the interview on his site which you can find here.

I know that you will find more great information on Trent’s site and I am sure I will get back to you with more recommendations but in the mean time have a browse yourself.  You can find his podcast on iTunes here.

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