OCI132 Growth Hacking Youtube with Gabby Wallace


Discover Growth Hacking Youtube with Gabby Wallace!

My Guest today is Gabby Wallace who I am delighted to interview on this the first episode of the new branding for the show.

Gabby has had amazing success with her Youtube channel and it has been one of the major contributing factors to her success.  Today she shares some great ideas about how you can be successful too!  If you find this helpful, then grab the Cheatsheet I created from the content in the show which you can get below!

Guest: Gabby Wallace


Gabby Wallace earned her Masters Degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages in 2010 and that same year started making ESL video classes with the goal of helping more students learn ESL in a convenient, awesome way.

Gabby has been teaching English as a Second Language since 2004. She loves to travel, learn other languages and explore culture and food.

In this Episode you will discover:

  • Growth Hacking Youtube Strategies you should be focusing on
  • Why you need a clear goal for Growth Hacking Youtube
  • Some important facts about Youtube audiences you may not know
  • Why you need to be using Youtube Annotations
  • Why Tags are important and how to create the most relevant ones
  • The importance of Thumbnails and how to create an effective one
  • Why Youtube should be seen as an interacitve platform
  • How to use Facebook in conjunction with Growth Hacking Youtube
  • How to create effective Titles for your Video
  • Why sharing your videos is important
  • How to tie your Youtube Video into other content
  • What you need to know about selling on Youtube
  • How to demarcate your free and paid content
  • What you need to do next!

Where to Find Gabby


Go Natural English https://www.youtube.com/user/GoNaturalEnglish

Laptop Teacher https://www.youtube.com/user/OnlineTeachingLife

Check out Gabby’s Channels and take a look and see what she is doing there and how she is doing it!

Are You Looking to Growth Hack Your Youtube Channel following Gabby’s advice?

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