OEP1 What to Expect from the Optimisitic Entrepreneur Podcast

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In this Episode…
Introduce myself
What is an “Optimistic Entrepreneur?
What are we going to cover?
What you can expect to gain from the show?

John Colley
Former British Army Officer
30 Year Investment Banker
Online Course Instructor
Speaker and Podcaster

What is an “Optimistic Entrepreneur”?
Well, its YOU!
If you are any sort of entrepreneur, by definition, in my view, you have to be an optimist
So, this show is for you!

What are we going to cover?

Real World Business…
Business Strategy from Startups to IPOs and Exits
Capital Raising
All the complexities of business I have learned in over 30 years investment banking, plus a few degrees along the way, including an MBA…

Digital Entrepreneurship…
Entrepreneurship for the 21st Century
Share my personal framework for Digital Entrepreneurship…you will have to wait for future episodes to get a taste of this!

How I run my Online Business and how I make my money online
Including, the Gigs I do
How I monetise my experience with online courses

What can you gain from the show?
Insights, tips, tricks and tactics to improve your business, online and offline
The benefit of my experience and that of the guests I will have on the show…
Great entertainment – not a comedy show – but I will not be holding back!