Making Money With Amazon: How To Easily Turn $81 Into $4,545 – Udemy Course Review

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Making Money With Amazon: How To Easily Turn $81 Into $4,545 – Udemy Course Review

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Author: Alun Hill

Course Title: Making Money With Amazon: How To Easily Turn $81 Into $4,545

Course Link:

Udemy List Price: $499 – $19 with Coupon Code Offer

Brief Summary of the Course

Did you know that 40% of items sold on Amazon are actually not Amazon’s inventory, but are from small people, one person businesses, just like you and me? Amazing – but true!”

This course from Leading Udemy Course Instructor, Alun Hill, shows you how to create an income stream from selling on Amazon, using the Fulfilled by Amazon system.  If you are looking to set up an commerce business where your suppliers ship straight to Amazon, your products sell to the customers who come to Amazon to buy and every two weeks Amazon sends you a cheque, then this course could be for you.

“You never have to see, store, touch etc the stuff you sell, as Amazon even picks it up direct from the suppliers (over 750,000 suppliers and wholesalers are listed in the course) for you and you can start with just a few dollars”

I have interviewed Alun for the Online Learning Podcast in Episode 061 which you can find here. Alternatively you can listen to the Episode by clicking on the Audio Player at the top of this page.

Course Contents

  • Section 1 – Amazon: Making Money Easily, An Introduction
  • Section 2 – How To Contact Me And How To Get Help
  • Section 3 – How To Turn $81 Into $4545 Using Amazon
  • Section 4 – Getting Paid
  • Section 5 – What Can I Sell, How Much Will I Make, Where Do I Get Products From Very Cheaply
  • Section 6 – How To Find The Top Selling Items
  • Section 7 – Success Stories
  • Section 8 – Choosing Your Niche
  • Section 9 – Pricing Secrets Revealed
  • Section 10 – Your Labelling Options
  • Section 11 – Who Are Amazon?
  • Section 12 – Amazon FBA Explained
  • Section 13 – Fulfillment By Amazon – Getting Started
  • Section 14 – See Behind The Scenes At Amazon
  • Section 15 – How To Sign Up To Amazon FBA
  • Section 16 – Amazon Webinars
  • Section 17 – Barcodes
  • Section 18 – Getting Your Products Seen
  • Section 19 – How To Easily Beat Your Competitors
  • Section 20 – Your Amazon Business
  • Section 21 – Amazon Fees
  • Section 22 – Duties And Taxes
  • Section 23 – Emailing Your Amazon Customers
  • Section 24 – Reviews
  • Section 25 – Help Videos
  • Section 26 – Restricted Items
  • Section 27 – Help!
  • Section 28 – How to Claim Your Free Title and Description Writing
  • Section 29 – Snippets Of Extra Information You May Find Useful
  • Section 30 – Conclusion

AH Amazon 1

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What I did not Like

Alun has chosen to include a number of videos from Amazon itself some of which I found were superficial and did not impart much useful information.  These were a lot less useful than Alun’s videos.

What I liked

As you can see from the list of the Course content, this is a comprehensive course.  The most difficult part of selling on Amazon is your initial product selection.  While you will still need to do the work here, Alun explains the key steps you need to take and the course contains all the information you need to set up your procurement system.

The Product Listing in Amazon is critical to being seen and being competitive against other sellers.  I found Alun’s explanation of how to do this correctly (Alun is an excellent copywriter) very helpful and inciteful.

The marketing advice which will help you to get reviews and grow your following of loyal customers was information which you would not get from simply following Amazon’s own tuition videos.


Here are some testimonials from Students who have taken the Course:

Excellent and complete course of making it into Amazon FBA

“A complete step by step course from scratch to setup and do your own FBA business. Everything is covered from registering your seller account on amazon to find your products and suppliers online. Important methods to analyze currently selling products and seller on Amazon. Highly recommended.”

Sound principles, not how it works in practice

“Alun is a great speaker and presents well, and perhaps his techniques would work in european markets, but in the US, this is not how the market actually runs. I have had an Amazon Prime membership for over 10 years now since it first launched. I have done a majority of my shopping there since then, and from my experience, the products that actually sell are the ones with the most reviews. The most popular. This course assumes that SEO principles generate sales on Amazon, and from anything I’ve sold, they do not. The only way to compete on Amazon is to tag onto an existing item and undercut prices on the marketplace. That way, hundreds or thousands of reviews go to your product, and you show up as the cheapest. That’s fine and good, but margins are small, and it’s a long term proposition game, not “turn $81 into $4545 in 12 weeks” game. These principles might very well work on eBay, but you don’t know what fees will be until later, so eBay is hard to run as a business on paper. If I build the courage to gamble with $100, I will find out if this has any potential at all. If it turns out I was dead wrong I will sincerely apologize and alter my review, but I don’t believe I am mistaken. All that said, the YouTube courses are fantastic!!”

Very Informative

“Alan, you did a great job. This is a very detailed course, cant believe how much I learned in such a short time. I have been trying to learn on my own for years but I still had so many unanswered questions, now I finally feel confident enough to start my own business. I look forward to putting my skills and ideas to work. Thank You Alan”

Just what I needed

“I had just started getting into selling on Amazon when Alun’s course came along. The timing course not have been better. I have learnt so much already and I am only 25% of the way through the course (two days in). Alun has given me so much information and so many ideas I am buzzing. The sessions are to the point and cram packed full of useful information. No padding here. Alun is what I call a true entertrainer. He knows his stuff, presents it in manageable chunks, makes it logical, but he is also entertaining at the same time. A rare combination. I had also looked at some web based courses on selling on Amazon (I got refunds as I was not satisfied with the quality on offer) and Alun’s course knocks spots of anything else I’ve seen. Well done Alun. I look forward to making a successful business on Amazon with your support.”

Another great course

“Alums courses are always well structured with very clear explanations. Courses are maintained and often expand with further lessons extending there value, I recommend you buy this course!”

Where to Buy – Coupon Code Offer

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Final Thoughts

Setting up an eCommerce business is not easy or straight forward.  You can waste a lot of time and money if you get it wrong.  I have worked through this course and found it particularly helpful in avoiding these pitfalls and in providing a logical step by step process for setting up an FBA – Fulfilled by Amazon” eCommerce Business.

Score out of 10:  9

Making Money With Amazon: How To Easily Turn $81 Into $4,545

AH Amazon 1

Click Here to Learn More About This Course (Includes Coupon Code Offer)

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What Students are saying about the Course


This is not an average course, it’s a comprehensive that covers each and every aspect of course creation. The instructors goes in detail on topics like content creation framework, creating lectures in 30 minutes, 6 step business model, course optimization, course structure, course promotion and a lot more awesome content. The instructors also shares His own strategies and tips to create, publish and promote courses. So, from me it’s 5 stars :)” Nizam K. Five Stars

“Everything you will ever need to know about teaching online

This course is a Monster! It is packed with incredibly valuable information about not only how to make money on Udemy, but how to make great courses that people will benefit from. There is no stone unturned with this course. John covers literally everything. From Black Friday strategy to putting your course on Skillfeed John gives you everything you will need to know to be a successful teacher online. I cannot thank you enough!” Joe P. Five Stars

“A Goldmine of Quality Information

“This course is a literal goldmine of information about how to be a better Udemy instructor by providing what the students want to learn and more importantly, how to make data-driven decisions. (as opposed to the emotional decisions that most of us tend to make) John covers so many areas – creating your course, analyzing your competition, etc. and includes deep dive looks at all sorts of things like number of reviews, number of students, pricing of your course. It’s just amazing. When I enrolled in this course, I was looking for the exact answers that John gives, (I needed to “get my bearings” in this new business model called Udemy) and boy does he give great answers! (answers based on data, not emotion)

If you’ve ever wanted to get a more intense view of the Udemy “universe”, along with precision hawk dives to the real meaty parts that instructors have questions about, this is the course to get.” Dave E. Five Stars



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