OLP100 Centenary Interview with Frank Visciano from Udemy

In today’s Episode of the Online Learning Podcast, I am delighted to welcome Frank Visciano from Udemy. Frank is the Head of the Instructor Team at Udemy and he kindly provides a helpful and candid insight into the current thinking at Udemy on a wide range of issues important to both students and instructors.   For the 100th Episode of the Online Learning Podcast he is the perfect guest and I am very grateful to him for making the time and contributing so much to our discussion.

In This Week’s Episode: Frank Visciano, Instructor Team Lead at Udemy


In this Episode we discuss:

  • The importance of student success and satisfaction
  • How Udemy are focused on the student experience whilst experiencing a rapid increase in both courses and student numbers
  • How Udemy Courses are expanding in diversity and languages
  • Why Udemy continues to make investments in discovery and search
  • How more and more Courses are being taken on mobile platforms
  • Why Udemy places such an emphasis on student engagement
  • Why it is important for Instructors to create courses with real impact
  • What Udemy sees as the “magic pathway”
  • Why Instructors are rewarded with greater visibility if they improve the student experience
  • The importance of Learning Objectives in the search process on Udemy
  • Why activation is an important issue for instructors and Udemy post enrolment
  • Why Frank agrees that a Welcome message is a good idea
  • The importance of responding promptly to questions from students
  • Why Udemy works so hard at engagement analytics
  • The multi-channel marketing approach taken by Udemy in promoting courses


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