OLP106 Marketing Udemy Courses on Forums without getting Banned with Syed Bukhari


In today’s Episode of the Online Learning Podcast, I am delighted to welcome Syed Bukhari from Pakistan.  Syed is an expert internet marketer and Udemy instructor and brings a particular expertise in how to market Udemy courses on Forums.  These can be one of the best places to market Udemy courses and so Syed and I talk about one particular forum, where I was recently given a one week ban for not posting properly, so I asked Syed to come on the show to teach me where I went wrong and how to do it right.  We thought you might like to listen in too!

In this Week’s Episode: Syed Bukhari

Syed Large

In this Episode Syed and I discuss:

  • Why you need to first search for any existing threads about your course
  • The difference between the Free Section and the Paid Section
  • Why you can post multiple offers on one thread
  • Why duplicate threads can get you banned – like me!
  • How you can update multiple threads and single threads
  • The correct syntax for a thread headline
  • The best way to write a thread
  • What Reps mean and why they are good for you
  • What the different membership levels mean
  • Some tips to be successful on the forum
  • Why you should keep your posts simple
  • How testimonials can help
  • The optimum number of coupons to offer at any one time
  • Why it pays to regularly update your coupon offer
  • How often to update your coupon offer

Bonus Video

Syed has kindly created a video to help explain some of the best practice for posting on the BBHF forum.  It can be found on Youtube and I have embedded it it here for your convenience:


How to Contact Syed

You can also find Syed on Udemy at https://www.udemy.com/u/syedhassanrazashah/