OLP107 How to create a Book from a Udemy Course with David Nihill


In today’s Episode of the Online Learning Podcast, I am delighted to welcome David Nihill, Udemy Instructor, Comedian and Best Selling Author.  David explains how he created his best selling book from his Udemy course and then launched a conference business on the back of both.

In this Week’s Episode: David Nihil

 David Nihill

In this Episode David and I discuss:

  • How to become a funny speaker
  • Why David spent a year testing comedy techniques
  • How David discovered Udemy and created his first course
  • Why David found Udemy a great channel to find his audience
  • How to create a Book from a Udemy Course
  • How David took his course and turned it into an Book
  • How David used his course as the outline for his book
  • How he outsourced the transcription of his course to oDesk
  • How David engaged an editor to help him create the written text
  • How David financed his book from his Udemy earnings
  • How David proved his book concept from his Udemy course
  • The process of refining and editing the book before publication
  • The importance of proving concept and building an audience
  • How David engaged an agent once he had proved his book concept
  • How David created the FunnyBizz Conference from his course and his book
  • What David did to get his book to feature on Amazon Bestseller
  • What was the single biggest thing David did to get downloads
  • How David created his audio book from his book
  • James Altucher’s blog post on self publishing
  • Charlie Hoehn blog post on self marketing his book
  • The importance of using a professional studio for creating an audio book
  • The importance of creating an audio book as part of your product offering
  • The benefits of using Createspace to publish hard copies of your book
  • How David created his cover using a 99Designs competition
  • Why he ran a test in Pat Flynn’s Facebook Group to prove his cover design
  • The key lesson from the whole process hint, its the marketing!
  • Outline budget to produce his book from his Udemy Course
  • Why its worth spending money on a quality editor

Find out more about David

You can find out more about David at the following links:

David’s Blog:http://www.7comedyhabits.com/

The FunnyBizz Blog: http://funnybizz.co/

Davis is on Twitter at https://twitter.com/FunnyBizzSF

Other Links Mentioned in the Episode

James Altucher Blog post: http://www.jamesaltucher.com/how-to-self-publish-a-bestseller/

Charlie Hoehn: http://charliehoehn.com/2013/12/09/how-im-marketing-my-self-published-book/

Nathan Barry: http://nathanbarry.com/full-time-salary-book/