OLP110 Discover the eCourse Domination Podcast with Tim Cooper


In today’s Episode of the Online Learning Podcast, I am delighted to welcome Tim Cooper, the founder and host of the eCourse Domination Podcast.  In this episode Tim interviews me about my Udemy experience and the Online Learning Podcast for his podcast audience and we thought it would be great fun to share with you so that you can learn about his eCourse Domination Podcast.

In this Week’s Episode: Tim Cooper

Tim Cooper

In this Episode we discuss:

  • Introduction to my background and courses
  • Why John hates digging trenches and prefers Banking
  • Why John is passionate about online education and teaching
  • Why Rob Cubbon is responsible for my Udemy career
  • Why we need to help instructors with marketing
  • Why podcasting can be a great promotional tool for your marketing
  • Why podcasting has so much less competition than blogging
  • Why podcasting is so much more engaging than creating Youtube videos
  • Discover my most successful marketing strategy for my Udemy courses
  • Find out why you should give away 1,000 free students in your courses on launch
  • What is the best strategy for getting ratings and reviews – legitimately!