OLP126 Mark Price Creates Amazing Udemy Coding Courses!


I am delighted to welcome coder and gamer Mark Price to the Online Learning Podcast! Mark creates amazing Udemy Coding Courses and is a real inspiration to Students and Instructors alike!


In this Week’s Episode: Mark Price

In this Episode we discuss:

  • Why Mark sees Udemy as a starting point for his online business
  • Advice for new Udemy Instructors
  • Why asking students to introduce themselves in your course works so well
  • Deep dive into Mark’s Amazing Programming course!
  • Why students want Udemy courses that benefit their lives
  • Why Mark includes lot of exercises and projects in his courses
  • Why Mark has an amazing Chat room on his website to support his course
  • Why Mark’s course offer is “Bonkers”!
  • You can enrol in Mark’s Courses by clicking on either of the links below:

 Full Disclosure: these are affiliate links. If you click on this link, you will not pay any more (you still get the full discount) but I will earn a Commission. If you do buy a course, please email me at john[at]jbdcolley[dot]com and tell me about it. I would love to thank you personnally for supporting The Online Learning Podcast! Don’t forget you can still access the Course and the discount without going through the Affiliate Scheme by simply searching for the Course on Udemy and using the Coupon Code at Checkout in the normal way. If you do this, Udemy will receive their normal commission and the Course Creator will get the whole of the balance. It is entirely up to you.