OLP128 Growth Hacking Udemy with Jackie Burgoa

This Week’s Guest: Jackie Burgoa

In this week’s episode we discuss Digital Marketing with Growth Hacking Expert Jackie Burgoa.  Discover the strategies Jackie used to get her courses ranking in Udemy through using smart and actionable strategies to drive her courses to the top of Udemy organic ranking.  This episode is pure gold for Udemy instructors seeking to improve their courses’ rankings in Udemy.

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Jackie Burgoa

Meet Jackie

“Hi! I’m Jackie. I have a degree in Architecture from U.C. Berkeley. An MBA from Nova University, a Master of Science in Finance from FIU and you might say I eat, breathe and sleep business growth!

As a digital marketer and business owner, I spend most of my time learning and applying strategies on how to grow a business so I can sell it at a profit! – I share everything I learned over the past 18+ years in my Udemy courses!

In August 2015, my youngest son turned 21. After 20 years of building businesses (many times I succeeded, many times I failed) I ditched my massive house and moved to a cozier place. My goal is to be able to spend more time creating Udemy courses (In English and Spanish) and share my knowledge. I also want to dedicate my time to building IoT (Internet of Things) projects…ah, and Crowdfund them whenever possible.”

Jackie’s Udemy Profile Page: https://www.udemy.com/user/jackieburgoa/

Check out http://ipivot.co to learn more from Jackie